Going Down a River


Size: 14.6 H x 9.8 W x 1.2 in

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Artist Recognition

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Art Description

Painting: Oil and Paint on Paper.

In this body of work, I have taken a personal approach and viewed myself in relation to the
natural landscape. For me, the landscape is a space of comfort as well as a space of reflection.
My paintings of the landscape have brought me to the following conclusions…
In my personal reality and interaction with the world, landscape is perceived as natural - raw
- wild - untouched. It presents itself as a blank canvas, as a space free from error and harsh
interruption, a space of calm. By fact that the landscape is natural and raw, layers of human
reality, whatever they may be, are given the opportunity to be revealed/ expressed / explored/
exposed within the landscape. Human notions of humanism are forged into (onto) the
landscape and it is perceived as we wish.
I’d like to show, more than the multiple layers of reality embedded in it, that the landscape is
a place of secrets and a space of intimacy - where reflections, shadows and moments beneath
the surface are able to be expressed. Personally, the natural landscape has served this purpose
for me, in a world which is at times overwhelming.
These reflections and moments, (literally painted in layers beneath the surface), are dark and
moody and intimidating yet they hold a sense of comfort, an immersive, ethereal depth of
memory through layers of imagery.
These painted images; intimate, personal and sensitive moments exist as shadows, traces and
memories in the landscape - the meaning is embedded in the space, and is only perceptible as
much as you wish it to be.

Keywords: River, Impression, Landscape, Layers, Moody

Subjects: Landscape

Styles: Abstract, Impressionism, Fine Art, Surrealism

Mediums: Oil, Paint

Materials: Paper

Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a collection
Showed at the The Other Art Fair Handpicked to show at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in Los Angeles, New York

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