Green-floored Interior Painting by Andrew Mirzoian

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Color, Full spectrum, Wood on Wood.

Pertaining to my painting, FORM acquires two meanings: The first one relates to the common realistic concept, that is, a man is perceived as a man, a chair -- as a chair. The second is an abstract one, which presupposes a constant change of correlation between colour and form of objects at a certain angle of view as well as illumination. That's where the transformation occurs: man appears to be not quite the entity it used to be but a combination of colourful geometrical figures; be it a still life or landscape, they are no longer just a number of objects but SPACE, subject to interminable change and transformation due to the light and shade effect. The combination of realistic and abstract approach can potentially expand or shrink a given space altering our viewpoint about it. It is not that the non-figurative is implied here, it's fair to say that it's more likely about an extension of the meaning of FORM, a balance between its realistic and abstract essence. Achieving this balance enables me to explore new dimensions and perspectives of FORM.



Green-floored Interior

Andrew Mirzoian



Size: 29.9 W x 29.9 H x 0.5 in

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