Ressurection of the Magi Painting by David Derr

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

This painting deals with the ressurection of an ancient religion.
However, the twist is that the priest have become priestesses.
The Wise Men, become Wise Women. The following reference is from "The Atlas of Mysterious Places" edited by Jennifer Westwood, and it all made sense.

The Magi, originally members of a tribe who live in northwest Iran, were widely regarded throughout the ancient world as the privileged priests of Zoroastrianism. The Three Wise Men, were said to travel from Saveh in Iran to witness the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, were Magi. From this word comes the word "magic", once used to denothe rthe rites of Zoroastrianism. Later, when that faith was supplanted by other religions, it simply came to mean "sorcery".

Zoroastrianism was a reformed version of the Aryan faith (google Mithra) stressing the principle of dualism - the eternal conflict between the creator Ahuramazda and his adversary Ahriman, between Good and Evil, Truth and Lie.

Fire is the central feature of Zoroastrianism as the symbol of Ahuramsda. Modern Parsees (only 130,00 modern day Zoroastrians live in Bombay, India) maintain, as their ancestors did, a perpetual fire in their temples. The priests still wear veils to prevent their breath from contaminating the purity of the fire and only clean, dry wood is used.

The magi awakes,
leaving her tomb, her womb
upon the hill of Chronos

Her veiled face protects the sacred fire

Gliding forward over the hot coals
she stops,
peers into the heart of the fire
and sees the birth of the unconquered sun.

Enchantments from the distant past
echo in her mind
filled with promise and mystery

Once revered, then despised
She begins the voyage,
rekindling the lost wisdom
that led her forebearers journey to the light of mankind.

She kisses the sun,
is consumed briefly by the fire,
swimming in heavens revelations,
watching as light triumph over darkness.

The black river is transformed
From the endless stream of death and torment
into the endless life giving fountain.
Charon stops his endless toil,
transforms into a luminous sphere,
and is lifted to the moon,
joining it in an eternal embrace.

The window on eternity has become transparent again.




Ressurection of the Magi

David Derr

United States


Size: 30 W x 48 H x 1.5 in

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