Sombre Painting by Frankie Ip

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Plaster on Wood.

Chandeliers have appeared in homes since the medieval period. From the 15th century, chandeliers became popular decorative features, found in palaces and homes of the nobility, clergy and merchant class. They were a symbol of wealth, luxury, gentility and status. In 20th century, the chandelier gained decorative and aesthetic functions and took on more sophisticated forms as it’s primary role of providing light diminished. The chandelier, providing a sense of elegance and opulence, became a fairy, its shimmering and glimmering crystal shining out its beauty as if dancing in the air.

The series, “Chandelier”, serves as a representation of the booming social era in the first decade of the 21st century and the demise of the fairy-tale following the economic tsunami in 2008. The global economy entered a dark age. Businesses closed and office lights were out, unemployment spiked, frivolous expenditures were curtailed. The chandeliers were darkened as elegant social activities were cancelled. The chandeliers presented in these paintings have lost their shine. We don’t see the admired faces or trendy crowd mingling in their reflections.

The use of crystal glass made chandeliers more durable and affordable. I sculpted these chandeliers on the wood board before applying color pigments and using painting skills to create a 3-D perspective. They haven’t lost their elegant and exquisite character.





Frankie Ip



Size: 30 W x 30 H x 2 in

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