The Little Jewels: Indigo and Gold #1 Painting by Katie Gallery

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The Little Jewels: Indigo and Gold #1

Katie Gallery

United States


Size: 16 W x 16 H x 0.1 D in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Painting: Watercolor on Paper.

This painting probably had more time in the laboratory than any other now for those of you new to the experience here at we do relentless testing in front of our amazing target market audience at 55 Gansevoort St. in the meatpacking in New York City

We perform the laboratory experiments every weekend Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to 4 PM between 50° and 90° on a group of amazing people who are obviously all members of the fashion police

Their input makes our work stronger better and more sexy in your home.

Our ceaseless efforts to make the perfect piece of art and finally resulted in this.

We all know that Mitchell Gold Bob Williams got the actual best peace in the universe a.k.a. the 16 x 20 with an incised 5 x 8 section of active of my Artist made materia Magica funori seaweed pigment and mica but this piece is my answer to that:

A lovely Ripped trimmed piece of 100% cotton Coventry rag by Legion Paper, more cotton felt than cotton woven, ripped roughly at the edges to create a faux deckle

16 x 16 With an 8 x 8“ active image area is made to fit perfectly and with attitude into an IKEA Ribba 50 cm x 50 cm aka 19.75 inches 19.75 inches frame

I have worked ceaselessly because of my love affair with the Ribba frame has been so intense that at times I really question my sanity but everyone speaks IKEA and this design solution is one of the worlds favorites.

And it is arguably the finest constructed $15 frame in the history of mankind now I myself had mine made by hand And a cost around $250 and if you are that kind of person I know you’re going to have yours properly framed and that my dear is the luxury of those who can...

But for those who can’t the IKEA Ribba frame is such a beautiful and elegant solution for a design problem that many people have:
they’d like to do multiples
they’d like to create a great layout
they don’t have a jillion dollars for framing. In steps the humans at IKEA .

The ribba frame will get you through this framing project

( they even have a mat that goes with it if you prefer)
and you can plop this piece in place and it is going to look like $1 million and make your friends jealous.

You do not have to tell them that you got The frame at IKEA and I certainly won’t tell on you but if you put three above your bed all I’m gonna tell you is they’re gonna look amazing I signed them on back so you can spin them the right way and create gorgeous compositions for the ages

I cannot say enough about the three over the bed oh my gosh is it leading on my Design only page why yes yes it is all I can tell you is that you need to buy this and a few of its little brothers and sisters as soon as you can

Because honestly there’s no chance that this is going to last I put these up at unbearably low black Friday cyber Monday day weekend sales for you and I’m also going to do a little demo in Paramus Mitchell Gold Bob Williams

And I’m going to tell everyone where to find them so there is no chance that these are going to last but if you are wise and you have followed and you want an amazing piece it amazing price I’m putting this up for this weekend only at irresistible prices because come on ‘tis the season

Anyway if you read this far you know that I make my own paints with pigment and Mica creating the amazing effects

You also know that I do great work that makes your place look amazing and I’m in boutique hotels and cool places all around the planet because they just give and ooze light, LIKE EYESHADOW for your house.

Other than the three above the bed which is obviously the coolest placement in the history of mankind I would also suggest you try this piece as a single over a light fixture perhaps in an older home in a scant wall that’s really not big enough for anything else but you really need something there
This Piece does a great job of holding down a small to midsize wall like a boss

Again I hate to say this but I do sell out very quickly if for some reason you’re reading this and thinking well maybe I’ll go look at this other piece, it will be gone and I reserve the right to sell in person if a client says yes before you do so don’t sit these will be gone soon!

at Mitchell gold Bob Williams they are $800 friend for the 16 by 20s you’re going to be getting yours for the above mentioned price so I hope you’re impressed





Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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