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dittico " fiori di loto alchimia" Painting

Polina Ogiy


Painting, Paint on Canvas

Size: 47.2 W x 47.2 H x 0.8 D in

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About The Artwork

LOTO-The basic and probably the original value of this mythopoetic symbol is the creative force associated with the female principle, hence more special symbolic values L.: the womb as the place of the origin of life; fertility, prosperity, progeny, longevity, health, fullness of life, glory, and the earth as a cosmic, self-generating essence; spontaneous creation, the eternal birth (divine, superhuman); immortality and the resurrection to eternal life; purity, spirituality, humility. In different traditions, from L. also contact life, purity, androgyny, harmony, daydreaming, forgetfulness, peace, silence, toughness, continuity, the sun. Structure of a flower L. (peripheral plate portion and the center) symbolizes the interaction between men and women. From Egypt, India and China the Lotus symbolism penetrated in adjacent or nearby countries in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central and South-East Asia. In the middle East were distributed medallions, rosettes, ornaments with the image of L. Along with the Lotus flower a certain mythological and poetic importance is the so-called the Lotus tree (serenaski Lotus, jujube tree). The main meanings of Water Lily shares the mythological significance of the Lotus as a flower, formed from the original ocean, and which served as the cradle of the sun. Taoism the Taoists solar flower(cm) is the cosmic wheel of life, spiritual discovery, the heart, the emblem of one of the Taoist immortal geniuses Zen Ho-Ku. For Taoists, the Lotus is not only a symbol of feminine beauty and purity, it also combines elements of space and three levels: its roots immersed in mud, its stem breaks through the dead water, its flower blooms in the sunlight. Lotus is the embodiment of spiritual development of man in the world: its roots represent invulnerability, stalk — the umbilical cord, flower — disclosure, implementation abilities with light. It represents also the triple aspects of time: past — buds, present a flower, the future of their seed. He is the embodiment of integrity, so as to reconcile the Yin and Yang water light. It harmonizes in itself the Yin and Yang energy. He symbolizes perfection and inspiration, impregnates itself and exists in itself: he is the embodiment of Tao. In yoga the highest spiritual knowledge rising in the body the flow of energy is compared to the blossoming of a flower logo on the crown, in the same way in Taoism with the "Golden flower" as the Supreme Lotus. Identical Taoist importance is the Lotus the people of Tibet: the iconography represents the Bud of the Lotus as the cradle of enlightened Buddhist emanations originating from the Emptiness. China In China L. revered as a sacred plant even before the spread of Buddhism. In Taoist tradition, one of the eight Immortals, virtuous maiden Ho Hsien-GU pictured holding a "flower opening the heart" — L. or rod with elements of L. L. Flower in China, represents purity and chastity, fertility and productive power; it is related to summer and is one of the eight emblems of good predictions. The occurrence of L. is treated as the Annunciation of the birth of the Buddha, images which have a Lotus badge on the foot. The spirit of L. burn incense for the purpose of expelling evil spirits. L. plays an important role in Chinese Buddhist art, particularly in scenic Western concept of heaven, which is Lotus lake. Each L., growing in the lake, is correlated with the soul of a deceased person. Depending on the degree of goodness of earthly life L. flowers blossom or wither. Western sky portrayed in Chinese paintings as the Lotus Paradise ("the Western Paradise") with the abundance of L. different shapes, sizes and shades; L. among flowers, surrounded by Bodhisattvas seated AMI-tabha (Amitofo), the Buddha of the West. In Chinese culture Lotus means cleanliness, perfection, spiritual grace, peace, female genius, summer, fertility. Furthermore, the Lotus symbolizes the past, present and future, as each plant has buds, flowers and seeds simultaneously. The Lotus is the symbol of man's noble that grew up out of the mud, but not stained. And in China, the symbolism of the Lotus is associated with Buddhism. Lotus, which has its beginning in the mud, but comes out of it clean, devoid of branches, fragrant, dismisses the flower and looks up, is a pure aspiration, as well as a symbol of one of the "treasures" or "jewels" as in Buddhism and Taoism, as well as an attribute of the Immortals, he Xian-GU (see Vospitateli). The syllable "Ho" (Lotus) in the men's names earlier expressed a connection with the Buddhist teachings. Blue Lotus flower (CH ing) conjugated with the same notion of "purity". Other name of Lotus, lien, sounds the same as "require" or "modesty", which again gives rise to rabonim zashifrovki wishes of happiness. For example, a boy with a Lotus flower represents the wish "May you be again and again to enjoy abundance." Put mutilated feet of Chinese women of noble was called "bent Lotus" and had to provide a graceful gait and lightness in dance. This cruel custom was officially banned only in the late 19th century the Tradition was established the 8th day of the fourth month as the birthday of Fo (Buddha) ("Lotus blossoms"). Уставшие в бессоннице глаза, Горят огнем нетленным, Их свет сжигает уголек зрачка, И Душу Мира отворяет. Уйти от времени-песка, Услышать хор небесный, Понять нетленность бытия И круг перерождений. И улыбнуться отражению, И благодарность вознося, Парить от пустоты блаженной, Наполненной жемчужиной творца. Pollin 23-01-2015

Details & Dimensions

Painting:Paint on Canvas

Original:One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size:47.2 W x 47.2 H x 0.8 D in

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Polina Ogiy was born in Kharkov . She quickly shows great interest in art and all its expressions, finishing her studies at the High School of Arts and Music. Then she enrolls at the Moscow State Art and Design Academy by Stroganov, where she becomes expert in drawing, painting, design and sculpture.In 1999, she got a degree as Master of Fine Art. In 2004 Polina won the first prize at the International Architecture Competition. She is currently working in the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, exclusive decoration and painting. "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."(The first Epistle of St. an. St. John The Evangelist) Art is the creator soul delight spilled on canvas, embodied in marble, paper, notes in the form, line, color, sound, word, movement and thousands of other creative expressions. This is awareness of Genesis, understanding of the soul creating the fabric of life .Works of art are true, pure symbols imprinted by the hand of the artist. They are characters of life, love, harmony and symmetry, sacred geometry of destiny. The world is ruled by symbols. And the true symbols express the divine harmony.If you're a creative person, the main energy that moves your hand is love, passion to cognition for the essence of things and phenomena. This is love and admiration, inspiration by the beauty of a landscape, character, object, myth or legend. The delight of my soul reflects the spiritual essence and symbolism of the Muse selected.Creativity is the destination of the soul incarnate in a person. We all are the co-creators of God, and everyone is an architect of his own life and world view. Convergence of matter and spirit, the ancient alchemy of human life are nothing else, but a splash of creative energy of spirit in matter.For me it is the music of my soul embodied in line and color, its trace through the time and space. Painting and sculpture are like my natural breath and my self expression. The motivation is simple - to live and create. An artist is the crystal, which stops the time in its purpose. An artist displays the Genesis, depicts the beauty and perfection of the moment. The artist perceives with his heart, not his eyes. An artist opens for the viewer the door to the wordlessness and guides to the pure original source of Life.Canvas is a material body, the image on the canvas is the artist soul cast.

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