Painting by koli polish

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Painting: Household on Carbon Fibre.

evianne the most common ways but unfortunately folks do get skin cancer and I've apologize in advance but skin cancer is real and patients can get skin cancer leaving defects like this so this is a gentleman who I removed two skin cancer we focus not just on getting the cancer out but we're storing patients to their original appearance and this is something that I'm passionate about and I'm fortunate enough what my colleague and mentor Chris mill is here as well this is something that within our division we we truly place an emphasis on restoring appearance so there's a gentleman who had

evianne uk multiple stage reconstruction and you can see in the right his post-operative appearance younger patients can get skin cancer it's not just patients who are older this is a younger female who wound up we wound up doing a skin flap from her cheek and here




koli polish


Size: 20 W x 25 H x 15 in

This artwork is not for sale.