tolerance Painting by Théophile DELAINE

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

We are not equal but different.
I am a white man and my wife is black. Natives from distant lands, from opposite cultures, our children are bilingual and caramel.
Each human being is unique. And when he becomes aware of it and blossoms in the sense of its originality, he realizes that he is an integral and complementary part of the universe that surrounds him. Just like everything else.
Tolerance then becomes obvious, all frontiers vanish, harmony sets in and only the human remains free!
We will dance on an equal footing the day when we will contemplate together the beauty of the world.

Tolerance has been being part of the itinerant and instructive exhibition "art for equality" in the Reunion island during the year 2017.
"One paints only what one is, what one lives! What is a graphic work if not an entanglement of forms and colors? Colors whose semantic codes and songs are culturally established, even if we may think that their origins are quite different? Forms whose gentleness, violence, or movement can be recognized? The set creates a specific impression based on complexity and layout. Each of my paintings is a representation of the questions I ask myself, the doubts and the discoveries that I make at certain moments on the mysteries of our existence and our essence. These are snapshots of the soul. They are inseparable from my personal adventure in the manner of a photo album, my spiritual and philosophical journey. All are images that allow me to become aware of what I experience emotionally, what we live in the depths of ourselves, and it can sometimes mean to discover some kind of answer through the well-being induced by the accomplishment of this act. The reaction of each one is obviously different but always linked - depending on the experience and emotions of the viewer - to the subject being treated. Subject that I discover sometimes thanks to him, thanks to you!"

Through his painting purified of all concrete meaning, in which forms and colors are sufficient for themselves as the only means of expression, Théophile DELAINE applies itself to making visible the invisible, he tries to crystallize our imaginations, our answers and our research, creating at the end pictures inviting to reflection and contemplation.





Théophile DELAINE



Size: 39.8 W x 23.8 H x 1.2 in

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