1 - Limited Edition of 1 Photograph by Hitomi Mochizuki

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Petals(cotton / paper ), fingers and calligraphy.
Back of panel.
Tacked Petals, fingers and Plum blossom tree
Painted calligraphy on photography.

Art Description

Photography: Photo, Fabric, Textile, New Media, Digital on Iron, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Paper, Wood.

Inspired by Buddhist philosophy. I painted a famous sentence in calligraphy, composed with my self-portrait using Japanese materials.
The sentence is known as 白骨の御文 ( Missive of skull) by Rennyo, Japanese monk (1415-1499, Japan).
The meaning is as below:
A young beautiful person who was proudly showing off in the morning may die suddenly in the evening and their bones may be buried somewhere unknown, and fade away without anyone knowing. All worldly things are impermanent.
*Japanese writing : 朝には紅顔ありて世路に誇れども暮れに白骨となりて郊原に朽ちぬ
This sentence explains one of core parts of Buddhist philosophy. It resonates with my personal experience so this thought has been one of my life themes in regards to art-making.

Mediums: Silk fabric, cotton fabric, tack (iron), sumi
ink, shu sumi(Red ink) Japanese gold paint, photography printed on cotton.

Surface is made of fabric. Art work comes ready to hang.

Making process :
Stretched 2 layers of base fabric, then stretched silk fabric as a top layer. Fastened photography with tacks. The image is my self-portrait printed on cotton fabric with dye ink. Wrote calligraphy on the body image with Sumi, Shu sumi. Then tacked on layers of small pieces of cotton, paper with my calligraphy, those are slightly raised.

Others :
Tree located bottom is a Plum tree. Small white cotton/paper pieces signify petals of plum blossoms.
I hope you enjoy the detailed parts and interesting texture of all materials of this artwork.


1 - Limited Edition of 1

Hitomi Mochizuki



Size: 6.5 W x 10.8 H x 0.8 in

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