Balletic Goniometer 2 Sculpture by Jack Sawbridge

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood on Glass, Stainless Steel, Wood.

The Balletic Goniometer is a device designed to provide an antipositivist reading of the performers in a 'pataphysical ballet. Henri Bergson in his 'Essay on the Meaning of the Comic' talks of a duality in human form between the 'graceful', 'supple' soul that is “subject to no law of gravitation” and the 'mechanical', 'petrifying' body that holds it back. This sculpture is to be used to provide a geometric analysis of how the petrifying body thwarts the fleeting soul of the 'pataphysical ballet performer.

The tuning system of the guitar type strings is connected to 3 clear blow molded glass bottles and 1 gold bottle. These model the gravity that the body imposes on the geometric systems. The level of water in these vessels is a means of calibrating the Goniometer for different readings of the different figures.

This piece can stand upright against a wall.




Balletic Goniometer 2

Jack Sawbridge

United Kingdom


Size: 39.4 W x 106.3 H x 31.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.