Chsn-Ksc Sculpture by Alexandru Raevschi

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Alexandru Raevschi



Size: 590.6 W x 177.2 H x 787.4 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Interactive, Environmental, Photo, New Media on Wood, Plastic, Sound, Stainless Steel, Other.

At one time, we all moved in our separate directions, trying to identify the similarities and differences of ourselves as a nation, with all internal and external attributes, but at one moment we all became hostages of a new form of self-organization of our internal and external space. The formation of these factors contributed to launching the processes of our depersonalization, in something gray and uniform, while rejecting the natural conditions in which we existed at that time. Given the historical reality, we have a time period of going in one direction and in the same direction accents on the public sphere were developed in our territories. Until now the architectural component has played one of the fundamental roles in forming our understanding of the physical shaping of public space. By which meaning did we replace the Soviet architectural heritage? What is the alternative to yesterday we offer today? How have the changes taken place in the public sphere? These are one of the fundamental issues that were closely analyzed within the framework of my urban and artistic research and which have been happening in our countries since the independence after the Soviet collapse.

The installation was the result of an interdisciplinary research. During the work on the project pieces of material were collected from several sources. Photo and audio material were collected in the public space of the cities Chişinău and Kosice. Due to the work in the archives, I studied the materials about the urban peculiarities of the Soviet period. Subsequently, it promoted the development of 3D designs in the space of the East Slovakian gallery. The main facade of the gallery was made from glass; this, in turn, allowed implementing an interactive installation with the public space of the city. Thus the boundaries between the spaces were blurred and thereby an active dialogue with the residents of Kosice had taken place.

The project was implemented in the form of a photo — sound — light installation.

East Centric Architecture Triennial, Bucharest, Romania.
“Chsn-Ksc” East — Slovakian Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia.
With the support of Young Artists Association «Oberliht» (Chisinau, Moldova) and K.A.I.R. — Košice Artist in Residence (Košice, Slovakia) within the framework of «Kosice — the 2013 European Capital of Culture» (Košice, Slovakia).



Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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