Hello! Sculpture by Kori Bartlett

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Artist and scale comparison (California Polytechnic State University Gallery)

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Kori Bartlett

United States


Size: 96 W x 60 H x 24 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Glass, Wood, canvas, mylar, Paper mache on Canvas, Glass, Paper, Wood, Other.

Geometrically fractured glass and shattered mirror covers the large-scale undulating surfaces of my sculptures. The presence of the work is magnified through scale and material. Artists like Jackson Pollock, whose large-scale and gestural action paintings are wildly expressive and have forever inspired me to embrace that free spirited nature, instilling a yearning to create works of art in his fashion-abstract. As an artist, I would look to Pollock's work often and feel a strong connection. The expressiveness, sweeping, yet chaotic, felt freeing and embodied a synergy that I too feel when I created art. I, however, am not a painter. I am a sculptor. In attempt to capture that essence, in my most recent work titled "Hello!", I made a wall-hanging sculpture that attempts to capture that same presence. This intended form of display accentuates the physicality and 3-dimensionality of the surface textures. The scale and the affect the scale creates, signals the beginning of a visual experience constructed for the viewer. I use materials with reflective properties like cut glass and mylar. The only color that is incorporated is from the surroundings. The involvement of the onlooker and having that undetermined variable adds a unique and dynamic addition to the work. Pollock showed the extension of the artist through action painting, showing the existence of the artist's hands through that act of mark making. I show the hand of the artist and an extension of their movement through sculptural relief and the intentional construction of forms that have similar energetic movements.