Martian alien Sculpture by David Marchal

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Side view
Rear view
Closeup of head and cracked material
Front view
Closeup of material

Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Plastic, Paint, 3D Sculpting, Resin on Plastic.

This Martian alien has just emerged from lying dormant beneath the martian surface for millions of years. The blazing sun cracks its rocky terracotta-alike crust, revealing its true nature while the mysterious black eyes stare to the sky, the universe, mankind…

Unique sculpture (only 1 made).

A word on the creation process:
This is a high resolution 3d printed sculpture, made of solid resin, meaning that no part of the model is hollowed out to save on material. As a result, the model feels heavy and sturdy. 

After the model is printed in resin, it is cured (with UV-light and baked in a special oven), resulting in a strong and durable sculpture.

The next step is to meticulously sand it by hand to create a smooth surface. This ensures that any visible layers, resulting from the print-process, are eliminated. Finally, a special paint technique is applied to give the uneven, rocky look and feel.



Martian alien

David Marchal



Size: 3 W x 7.4 H x 4.1 in

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