Ov/e n.1 Sculpture by Or r

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Ov/e n.1

Or r



Size: 56.7 W x 49.2 H x 1.8 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Paint on Wood.

Ov/e is a lucid form of cubical deformation on a plane. A cubic which is drawn to two different sides with no vanishing point perspective. The strokes of the perspective lines are intentionally made in a fractal manner in order to create optical impressions.

This piece is primarilly formed by 21 triangles, each of which creates a concrete unit that is a hiper-cube form. This concrete, as any other general geometric constructions, presents a fundamental structure of a whole visual form. Coming form a simple structure which presents optical presentation offering a plethora of possibilities of forms, this art piece presents a plastic art presenting ilusion of forms by layering it with other forms. Therefore, there is clear effort to overpass a simple form by many kinds of deformation.

Ov/e is a bidimensional form with limitless authentic space. It can be two, three and so on depending on from which perspectives we choose to see. This piece is a basic geometrical form of a cubical drawn without vanishing point perspectives into two different paths.