Pavarotti - bird sculpture Sculpture by Susan Fae Haglund

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Sing to the world
Pavarottie bird sculpture

Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Paper, Paper mache, Color, Fiber on Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other, Steel.

Luciano Pavarotti the famous tenor inspired this bird art form. Vibrant and full of character, Pavarotti brought so much joy to many audience around the world. I hope that this sculpture bring happiness to many many people too.

The sculpture is tactile, full of pins and wired feathers, yet, you can feel the exciting patterns and hold the bird like a baby.

My studio is filled with paper and threads all colourful and versatile. Paper mache is the base form, amazing how strong and durable it is. The layers and layers of fabric and paper create weight and strength. This cheerful bird is a great centre piece.

The Three Tenors were entertaining and a joy to listen to, I can still hear them when I say their names and look at my birds.

Birds sing with the energy and happiness as the Tenors once did.


Pavarotti - bird sculpture

Susan Fae Haglund



Size: 14 W x 12 H x 14 in

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