"The Parapeto" (El Parapeto) Sculpture by Freddy Velilla

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal, Leather, Wood on Wood.

All the processes and activities require a proper planning, and all the offices, however insignificant they may seem, have their own processes, based on this concept, I have built this work, the assembly of a chair on a staircase, the work is a reflection on the genius and improvisation, informal workers improvise in the performance of their tasks, or tangles as they call it, this work suggests; On the inherent capabilities of each trade, and the abilities linked to the human condition, necessary for the realization of tasks, whether essentially complex or easy, in any case, human labor and its value is predetermined by the capacity with which it is It does, and in the history of our human society, this defines the quality of life for each individual.




"The Parapeto" (El Parapeto)

Freddy Velilla



Size: 22 W x 73 H x 33 in

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