Water Talk Sculpture by won choi

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Water Talk Back view
Water Talk Side view

Art Description

Sculpture: Metal on Bronze.

The piece “Water Talk” expresses the concept of water as the source of life in a way our physical being in the world is perceived as a drop of water – made up of 80% liquid. The story of creation in the book of Genesis fascinates me in a way it starts with dividing heaven and ocean, then all the living beings. Water reveals itself in such various forms that is so intriguing. Meditation on five natural elements – water, air, fire, earth and space –have given me a great inner strength as I imagine myself being one with nature. I imagine myself flowing like water that helps me to believe how I could overcome any obstacles just like water. The element of water has been source of my inspiration for its energy and calming effect as nourishing and purifying agent and mostly for its beauty of endlessly changing form.




Water Talk

won choi

United States


Size: 42 W x 75 H x 30 in

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