Elena Reutova

Elena Reutova

Москва, Russia

About Elena Reutova

I was born into a family of artists. The smell of paint was familiar to me even before I was born. That's why it was easy for me to choose a profession after finishing school. In 1991-1996, I received professional training as an artist-painter at the Donetsk art and Decorative Institute. After graduation, I was invited to the Nirvana art Studio as its Director, where I taught classical painting to young people.
In 1996, I was accepted into my first art Association "artists on Pushkin Boulevard". I had my own Studio in Donetsk, and I enjoyed finding myself and experimenting with art.
I have been living and working in Moscow since 1999. My paintings were sold in such galleries as the Moscow public cultural Foundation, the Albatros art gallery, and a number of others. Every year I participated in art exhibitions of various levels.
In 2011, I created the Antares online gallery, which opened up the possibilities of the Internet for me and gave me an international sales experience.
In 2014, I opened a small offline gallery with the same name In Moscow (Tverskaya street, 9, p. 11). Here I could personally lead the process, fill the gallery with my choice, communicate with people and better understand their expectations.
As a leitmotif of my work, I can mention sincerity and positive emotions. I don't accept aggression in any form. I get great pleasure from my creative process, but it is also important for me to understand that the collector feels the same way, that my works give him a pleasant immersion in thought and aesthetic pleasure. I get a lot of warm feedback, and it certainly inspires me to create new works. Developing my own style, I try to fill my works with love and sensuality, naturalness and harmony, as well as exceptionally good feelings, for which I use every opportunity. That's why I have a lot of flowers and animals in my portfolio. I truly love them, cats and dogs have always been members of my family. Careful observation of nature and people gives me inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Nature is perfect, so I can easily draw a couple of wolves, wanting to convey feelings of loyalty and devotion.


Mirgorod art College named after him. N. V. Gogol, Faculty of Sculpture, ceramics.
Donetsk art school. Easel painting. Interior designer. Teachers Totskaya, Troyanov.
Art Studio stained Glass Moscow. Watercolor and oil painting.


Member of the Union of artists of Pushkin Boulevard.
Teacher of the Nirvana art Studio.
The Artistic member of the Eurasian Union.
Member of the Moscow Union of designers. (Painting section).


two thousand twenty one:
24.04-5.05.21 Russian Art Week.
Danilovsky Congress Hall. Moscow.
International exhibition dedicated to space. Contemporary art. Moscow.Art gallery.104/2 Trade Union Street
International exhibition "He, She, they: people and feelings".
08-14. 02.2021 Russian Federation, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor. ul. Ilinka 4.
International Exhibition of Animal Art.
Gallery Evrazium. Moscow, Andropov ave. 17. January 2021.
Diplomas of works: "Zebras", "Elephant for luck".
Two thousand twenty:
"The magic of colors". Moscow. house of artists.
April. Art Deco Museum. "Opening day at the Art Deco Museum.
August. Artelibro. "Portraits and figures". Russia.
August. International exhibition and competition of animal art.
Diploma of the first place. Exhibition center of the Saint Petersburg Union of artists.
September " art Week in Spain. Barcelona.
September-October. Akvarellid in Brussels