Karin O

Karin O

Västerås, Västmanland, Sweden

About Karin O

I am an artist who just can’t get enough of stitches. It’s in my hands. I want to embroider, always. The threads are a reoccurring element in all my artworks.

In my artistic creations, I let embroidery meet unexpected materials such as old letters, postcards, vintage invoices, recycled tins and photographs. I like to see forgotten textiles come alive again through my stitched characters.

My surrounding is my inspiration for my art – I’m touched and affected by events and people I have met, seen or heard about. I’m fascinated by the absurdities and fun things of the world, where I question traditional roles in society and change places for high and low. It’s the act of transforming something trough art and adding a hint of reverse perspectives that illustrate my works.

I believe creating textile art is a wonderful way to awaken thoughts, convey comics, tragic, beauty and, not least, joy. What better way to do this than through an endless myriad of fantastic little needle stitches!

I make Happy Art - from a Happy Heart!


2009-2010 Textile Studies, Eskilstuna Folk High School, Sweden

2010-2011 Entrepreneurial Textile, Västerberg Folk High School, Sweden, 1 year

2011-2012 Embroidery, Västerberg Folk High School, Sweden, 2 years

2012-2013 Textile Design, Eskilstuna Folk High School, Sweden, 1 year


19-22 March 2020
The Other Art Fair, Sydney


2011 ”Poufs among Poufs”, Group Exhibition, Eskilstuna City Museum, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2012 ”People I’ve Met”, Solo Exhibition, Affair,Västerås, Sweden

2014 ”Ladies and Elephants”, Private Exhibition, Gallery TU, Stockholm, Sweden

2013-2015 ”Life, Love, Grief and Swedish Fika”, Group Exhibition, Eskilstuna City Museum & Rydal Museum, Sweden

2015 ”With Love”, Solo Exhibition, Anundshög, Västerås, Sweden

2015 ”Insects and Bugs”, Group Exhibition, Stenhuset Surahammar, Surahammar, Sweden

2015 ”Among Roses and Cloth Lines”, Group Exhibition, Wijs Botanical Garden, Ockelbo, Sweden

2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Art Affairs Gallery, Conrad Hong Kong

2016 Affordable Art Fair, Art Affairs Gallery, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2017 "Stitch Fetish 5", Group Exhibition, The Hive Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles, USA

2017 "Black Beaches and Frosty Grounds", Group Exhibition, Rydals Museum, Mark, Sweden

2017 "The Hive 12 Year Anniversary Show", Group Exhibition, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2017 "Stitch Fetish San Francisco", Group Exhibition, Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, USA

2018 "Stitch Fetish 6", Group Exhibition, The Hive Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles, USA

2019 "Stitch Fetish 7", Group Exhibition, The Hive Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles, USA


2020 March The other Art Fair, Sydney

2020 September - "Stitch Fetish 8", Featured Artist, The Hive Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles, USA