Laura Tietjens

Laura Tietjens

barcelona, catalunya, Spain

About Laura Tietjens

Painting is my passion, as are people. So i paint people.
I am from The Netherlands, studied and worked there, and raised a son. I traveled quite a lot, and finally settled in Barcelona. Different cultures fascinate me, and the endless mixes. Injustice, fascism, maltreatment and abuse of animals, women, children and men move me to the marrow. I am a victim of my compassion. So i put all these strong emotions and my conclusions about life and about people into the faces and figures on canvas. Painting brings me at ease, it is almost meditation.


Academy of art Minerva, Groningen, the Netherlands, 1980 - 1986


Tens of exhibitions in Europe.
Tens of books illustrated.


Centre cultural Sant Boi, Spain, 2017
Gallery Beaskoa, Barcelona
Carré d'Artistes, Amsterdam and Philadelphia
Le Capricorne, Saint Paul de Vence
Art fairs in Catalunya, Spain and Lyon, France
Shanghai, UConcept Gallery
Centre Culturel Arrache la Frasse, France
Forum des Lacs, Thyez, France