Alisa Jakobi

Alisa Jakobi

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

About Alisa Jakobi

Drawing inspiration from the Minimalist Expressionism, Alisa Jakobi renews the idea of landscape by injecting living elements of fauvism into traditional lanscape painting. Her exploration of the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind is not restricted to a mere descriptive approach, but it provides the viewer of a deep and incessant process of connection between the inner reality and the outside world.
She studied in the Estonian Academy of Arts, completing a BA in Graphic Design in 2005. Later she left Estonia for three years to get new inspiration and experience in New York. In 2010 she finished her MA in Art studies in the Tallinn University. Alisa studied in the School of Visual Arts in NYC for a year, worked for Rockaway Graphics as a graphic designer.
Painting has been her parallel activity during the past 16 years.

Alisa is working in a minimalist expressionist style, with elements of fauvism. Her recurring topics are the reconciliation of humans with nature and about the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind. She also developed a concept called Time to Dance, where she is talking about the depth of the human mind and the changing roles in life of men and women.

Her works are in private collections in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Israel, USA, UK, Macedonia, Russia, Australia.


2010 Master degree in Art teaching University of Tallinn, Department of Art
2005 – 2006 School of Visual Arts, New York, United States C.E. in Art Management
2005 Bachelor of Graphic Design, Estonian Academy of Arts, Institute of Design, Tallinn



2015 IT IS TIME TO DANCE vol 2, Fahle gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2015 Emotional Landscapes vol4, Rakvere city gallery, Rakvere, Estonia
2015 Emotional Landscapes vol3, Kuressaare muuseum, Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia
2015 Emotional Landscapes vol2.5, Ministry of Agriculture, Tallinn, Estonia
2015 Emotional Landscapes vol.2, Toompea Castle Art Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Emotional Landscapes vol.2, Lennart Meri Airport Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Emotional Landscapes, Aedvilja Tänava Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 IT IS TIME TO DANCE, Aedvilja Tänava Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2002 Light and Colour, Showing room of JCC, at Karu 16 A, Tallinn, Estonia


2015 – “ 5th PLainair in Juodkrante", LIUDVIKO RĖZOS cultural cente, Neringa municipality, Curonian Spit, Lithuania
2015 – “NIDOS EKSPRESIJA-2015“ Agila culture centre, Nida, Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Curator: S. Kruopis
2015 –“Symphony of colours“ Tallinna Idakeskus gallery. Curator T.Kuusik
2015 – AmCham charity auction, Tallinn, Estonia. (
2015 – BECC charity Burns supper auction, Tallinn, Estonia (
2014 International group exhibition at Monastir Joakim Osogovski, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
2014 Performing art “Music+painting“ experimental music session, Tallinn, Estonia, Gustav Adolf Grammar
School courtyard
2013 TALLINNA KUNSTI TUULED, Art Fair in Tammsaare park, Tallinn, Estonia.
2012 Strike - exhibition of Art Teachers in Estonian parliament, Riigikogu,Tallinn, Estonia.
2010 Ahne 2010 , Suvilahti, Finland
2008 Ahne 2008 Video "Time to Dance", Suvilahti, Finland.
2008 Kunst@tlu, Draakoni gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
2008 Art Kitchen Happening@Fantast Festival, Muhu, Saaremaa island, Muhu, Estonia.
2005 Exhibition of posters, Gallery of Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia.
2003 Group exhibition of emerging artists in NYC, Broadway gallery, New York, USA
2002 Madonna of 21 Century, Jaama Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.