Natali Zablotskaya

Natali Zablotskaya

Kiev, Ukraine

About Natali Zablotskaya

Hello! My name is Natali. I'm artist and handmade master from Ukraine.

I'm not chasing fame, and just do what I love.

For me it is important to create something new! It completely distracts me from reality and immerses in other world which is full of paints and a extravaganza
of feelings which absorb me entirely, where I don't notice time and reality around me.
It is amazing world, where there are no any sadness or discouragement

Among my works you won't see gloomy and rainy pictures, but you'll see a lot of light, air and bright paints instead.
Each my work it's always a little experiment.

Through art I can express all my feelings and emotions. For me it's other world, world of seclusion and tranquility