Rudi Art Peters

Rudi Art Peters

Bergisch Gladbach, NRW, Germany

About Rudi Art Peters

Hello, my name is Art Peters, welcome on my homepage at Saatchi Art.
My heart is with Cologne, the city on the Rhine, with the big church and chaos around it as well as people who found each other through the centuries and learned to live together.
Where I feel good and understood... there is my „home“
As long as I can think back I have always drawn something. On the street pavement, in my exercise book and books. In my school works there were often drawings on the worksheets ... sometimes even only drawings.
If you have the passion for drawing in you, you have no other choice but draw.
I have drawn on the receipts at the supermarket. In the queue at the airport on the boarding cards, even on those of fellow travellers. On napkins in the restaurant, beer coasters in pubs, newspapers on the ferries in New York, on the book side laying on the beach ... because nothing else was at hand to hold a good motive.
People around me have collected and kept these small graphics.
A pencil is my constant companion. It is always in my pants pocket or jammed in a safe place behind my right ear. In the airplane ... while shopping ... in the cinema and also, sometimes, under the shower.
Already as a child and adolescent I had to help at my grandfather's joinery business.
Sorting trimmed timber, according to length and type of wood, was my work after the school day. Even today I like the smell of sawn wood and like to hold the pieces in my hands.
I believe that the strength of the years, which is developed by this piece of nature, can be felt.
Carpenters first make a drawing of a cabinet. They determine the dimensions, wood thickness and properties ... then their hands implement the ideas that spring from the mind. For me, this was the perfect work to put my creativity into practice.
When my grandfather died, much too early, I was still too young to lead the carpentry company, with 20 employees.
A change to the butcher company, of my other grandfather, was then the further professional perspective. All qualifications and degrees were obtained in order to be able to work independently in this sector. A study of the food technology was the start for the establishment of an own delicatessen company. Rights and patents for products have been registered and obtained.
Once creative ... always creative.
Then, after 25 years, the company was sold by me to a European food corporation. Throughout professional years as a food producer I continued to draw pictures and collages for interested parties.
Now I had time to live the creativity.
A sales room and studio were set up in Cologne City. People could see and buy my pictures. Watching me at work and bringing in their ideas which were then implemented by me. Cologne, as the fourth largest city in Germany, is visited by many international tourists ... because of the "Big Church" that we have here for almost 1000 years and which is still being worked on today.
The time at the studio with the foreign visitors and the "Kölsch fellow citizens" was exciting and interesting. We have discussed, between my pictures and a coffee machine, politics, the world, and art.
In the meantime, I went abroad for several years for my further artistic education and in order to expand contacts with other artists. I lived for one year in Tanzania, Zanzibar, as well as in the Seychelles in the Beau Vallon Bay. A long stay at my uncle`s place in Seattle/USA and Canada has influenced my artistic thinking and work sustainably.
To draw and to make wooden collages on unusual backgrounds, with ink, gouache and acrylic colours count to my favourite techniques and are my passion.
Cologne is the centre of my life again.
I enjoy living here. If I had 5 lives I would like to spend all of them in Cologne.


Learned by doing, every day, on the street and in the studio


Exhibition in my own gallery in Cologne / Germany