Artushroom A

Artushroom A

Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

About Artushroom A

When I was a child, I was often attracted by the dynamic of colours and lines. I am passionate in art, creation and the pleasure in sharing aesthetic discoveries.

My inspiration is drawn from eclectic sources – idyllic landscapes, swaggering skyscrapers, a random street corner, or even films and music. Sometimes I am striven by imageries, which flash in mind, that I have to record them immediately on any paper besides me, and rush back to the studio transferring the scenes onto the canvas.

An artist should not be confined by a particular style or medium. Therefore, to me, experimenting with the possibilities and limits of different media is a playful delight. In the process, it is the materials and media that guide me and direct me to project what they meant to be.


Art college


Publishing < Oil Painting and Sculpture Collection>.

Works collected in < Hong Kong Youth Artists Representative Work>.

Works collected in Yearbook of Chinese Arts Collection.

Works collected in -One Hundred Outstanding Artists


1997, Solo exhibitions of Oil Painting and Sculpture at Hong Kong Art Centre.

1997, Participation in charity exhibition "To Build Our Future by Action and Expectation".

1999, Participation in collective exhibition "Works by Contemporary Hong Kong Artists".

1999, Participation in collective exhibition "Prospection" organized by the China, Hong Kong and Macau Arts Centre.

2003, Solo exhibitions "A nook of a city" at Choice Cup Art Gallery.

2007, Participation in "Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Artists".

2008, Work exhibited in "100 Years of Olympic Porcelain Painting Exhibition 2008".

2008, Participation in exhibition "Fun in Art"- Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

2009, Participation in exhibition "The Beauty in Life"- Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

2011, Participation in exhibition "Soul Journal"- Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

2016, Participation in exhibition "Finding Beauty"- Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

2017, Solo exhibitions " Foot Print" at Hong Kong International Culture Promotion Centre Exhibition Hall.

2018, Solo exhibitions " Body Language" at Hong Kong International Culture Promotion Centre Exhibition Hall.