Andrew Sechin

Andrew Sechin

Oak Park, IL, United States

About Andrew Sechin

It’s me - Andrew V. Sechin – artist and creative director for over 30 years. I was born, raised, and trained in Moscow, Russia. In 1984, I completed my Masters in Fine Art and Visual Communication at the Moscow Academic Art College, at which point I chose to pursue a career in design, building brands internationally. That did not stop me from painting – rather the contrary. Traveling abroad and working for clients all over Europe afforded me the opportunity to visit some of the most illustrious and exquisite museums and arts galleries in the world.

Thus, although I pursued a career in graphic design, my true passion has always been painting. I won the International Art Contest in Sofia, Bulgaria and received numerous regional and national awards in Russia, including the Art Publishers Award in St. Petersburg in 1998. My art is on display in several private collections in San Francisco, South Orange, Chicago, New York, Moscow and Frankfurt, as well as in the permanent collections of Expo Bank and PepsiCo Russia in Moscow.


Moscow Academic Art College - MFA Visual and communication atrs


Gold Coast Art Fair 2017 - Chicago, IL

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Coming in 2018:

Wells street Art Festival
Chicago, June 9 -10

Gold Coast Art Fair
Chicago, June 16 - 17

Art in the Village
Winnetka, IL June 23 - 24

Artfest Michigan Avenue
Chicago, July 20 - 22

Port Clinton Art Festival
Highland Park, IL August 25 - 26


Gold Coast Art Fair, Chicago - Best in Category