Augustas Lopas

Augustas Lopas

Vilnius, Lithuania

About Augustas Lopas

I studied painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. Since 2016 member of Lithuanian Artists Union. Since 2000 I organized 15 solo exhibitions and participated in 18 group exhibitions.In my earlier paintings I analyzed the human character, figurative was dominated. Paintings reflected neo-expressionism and surrealism. 2013 I began a new stage and step into the world of abstract spaces. I'm interested in searching and experimenting, so it all reflecting in technical decisions. I have rich experience in wall decoration, frescoes, so I am interested in a variety of new technologies, that’s why I apply them in my painting. In my works, there is a lot of musicality and light - components that create an additional effect on the viewer. The works are enriched with interesting textures, unexpected color solutions. The luminous fluxes at work give an optimistic and peaceful tone. I create paintings not according to a predetermined scenario, but impulsively in the process of work, allowing the appearances to be appropriately integrated into my painting structures. I experimenting with pigments and colors, with new materials, acrylic structures, silicon and other combinations. The paints and touch technology. In the case of touch, we should talk about the psychological, not the technical, because the ultimate goal is dedicated to this. All of that multilayered, or vice versa, transparency (usually the two principles interact in one thing) shows that all senses in our lives are like touches.


2016 Member of the Lithuanian Artists Union
2003 - 2005 Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, MA.
1999 - 2003 Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Bachelor.


Solo exhibitions:
2019 Trakai. Trakai. Culture Palace gallery Lobby “Dissolving Reality”
2018 Vilnius Ministry of the Inside affairs “Painting Exhibition”
2018 Vilnius. STT, “Painting Exhibition”
2018 Vilnius. Vaidila Theater “Painting Exhibition”
2017 Vilnius. Ministry of Culture “Painting Exhibition”
2017 Vilnius. Ministry of Health “Painting Exhibition”
2017 Birstonas. Kurhaus Gallery “Touches”
2016 Vilnius. Gallery 555 Polyphony
2014 Vilnius. Pamėnkalnio Gallery. FC Jazz
2013 Vilnius. A.Mickevicius Library. “Variations”
2013 Vilnius.Lithuanian Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema. "Stories"
2013 Vilnius. Beepart Gallery. “Structures”
2005 Vilnius. Lithuanian Theater, Music and Cinema Museum. "Others."
2003 Vilnius. Lithuanian Theater, Music and Cinema Museum. "HELLO."
Group exhibitions:
2019 Warsaw. “Manuscript” Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania
2018 Minsk. Belarus Academy of Arts Exhibition Hall “Academy”, “6+”
2018 Grodno. “Lithuanian Centennial Exhibition”
2018 Panevezys. Gallery XX Exhibition of Lithuanian Century
2018 Vilnius. AP Gallery "Distance"
2017 Vilnius. Workland office “gallery” “Watching the walls”
2016 Vilnius. St. John Street gallery” Painting records”
2014 Vilnius. Pamėnkalns Gallery. “FC Jazz”.
2012 Vilnius. (AV17) Gallery. "The New Avant-Garde Object."
2011 Vilnius. Vienožskis Art School. "Painting".
2009 Vilnius. Railway Station Museum. "Decentralism / margins: 1m behind the breed" installation "Plot". 2008 Vilnius. Lithuanian Railway Museum. "Train Moments" Artistic Project IV.
2007 Vilnius. Lithuanian Railway Museum. "Train Travel Moments, Artistic Project III.
2007 Panevezys. City Art Gallery. Festival of Alternative Classical Music "Tolerance" exhibition of young artists.
2006 Vilnius. Gallery "Ark". "Annual Autumn Exhibition of LDS and Other Painters".
2005 Vilnius. CAC-Contemporary Art Center. "Enthusiasts."
2003 Vilnius. Gallery "Academy". "Painting".
2000 Vilnius. Lithuanian music and theatre Academy. "Diversity and Unity."