Azita Panahpour

Azita Panahpour

New York, United States

About Azita Panahpour

Azita Panahpour is an American Iranian artist living in New York City. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with painting, photography,video and commercial art. Her abstract paintings are imbued by letters from traditional Persian calligraphy combined with the rhythm and patterns of Persian poetry. Here the Nastaliq form of alphabet is removed from it’s usual context of forming a word and instead creating a visual narrative with it’s shape. The new formations highlight precise curves and lines from the alphabet yet transform it to express a more contemporary Persian calligraphy. This series entitled Shattered Poems is an ongoing reflection on Azita’s personal journey of leaving her homeland. The fusion of classical calligraphy with a modern interpretation of color field paintings is at the core of these paintings.

Azita’s paintings have been selected for multiple art fairs including The Other Art Fair and The Ad Art Show. Her photography has been exhibited in a number of group and solo shows nationwide as well as published in various annuals and magazines.


The Other Art Fair Brooklyn 2017, 2018
The Ad Art Show Sotheby's 2018
The Other Art Fair LA 2020 (on-line)
The Ad Art Show New York Oculus 2020