Valentin Bakardjiev

Valentin Bakardjiev

Amsterdam, nord holland, Netherlands

About Valentin Bakardjiev

My art aims at keeping in touch with the past. Back to the basic techniques of art and presented in a modern way, a world reflecting the past, a world that we should remember. My work is an attempt to connect variety of mythologies with new discoveries, a mix of symbols coming from different religions and mythologies showing the world as a whole. Out of every culture I had contact with I took a "color" and then brought them together. In addition I try to bring together traditional and modern art, decorative and fine art. My style is a bouquet of different techniques and subjects.
Every idea I have, needs its own technique and way of creating. Recently I am interested in the process of laying different layers in order to receive one final picture. Interested in how many different stages one need to go through in order to have a complete whole. How is the connection made? What do the colours used represent to one? How organised are the different particles, layers?


1985-1989 - High school of arts “Dimitar Dobrovitch” - Sliven


2014 Winner BASGrafiekPrijs, best graphic art with the silkscreen "Directions of Life

2011 Second prize, Contest 'Silver' for the 25th anniversary of Business Art Service Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands

2004 Golden medal - Fine Art Competition after the name of C. Frigerio in Corsico, Italy

“The Textile Art in Bulgaria” Catalogue, Sofia 2002
2005 Premio Open Art, Rome, Italy

2011 Cover magazine MooiMan MiljonairFair

2011 Book: 'Kunst', 25 jaar Business Art Service

2012 The Art of Man - Article and frontcover

2013 Silkscreen of 'Early spring in Zeeland' by Mike and Gita Leach in order of Business Art Service

2013 Included with 2 drawings in Stadsarchief Amsterdam Holland

2013 Book: Capolavoro di uomo, masterpiece of man, Showcasing the diversity of gay erotic art

2013: Bookcover of the Bulgarian translation of "Damned strong love" by Dr. Lutz van Dijk


2019 Salon presentation, Geneva,Switzerland
2018 Gallery Keizersgracht 419 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017 Westergasfabriek Amsterdam,The Netherlans

2009 "The Nature" - Barneveld, The Netherlands

2008 Restaurant Brazzo, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2008 Galerie Sjer Jacobs, Tegelen, The Netherlands

2008 Galerie MooiMan, Groningen,The Netherlands

2008 Gallery Irida, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 Artegabriella, Busto Arsizio, Milano, Italia

2005 Gallery Bojadiev, Burgas, Bulgaria

2004 “Artegabriella” gallery, Busto Arsizio, Milan, Italy

2001 decoration of hotel Secrets Excellence - Dominican Rep.

1999-2000 "kafe#5” Chicago, USA

1997 “Draka” gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria

1993-1995 “Mai” gallery in Sliven, Bulgaria

2018 Art Paris Art Fair Paris France

2011 Miljonair Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008-2011 Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Netherlands

2005 Sala del Bramante, Rome, Italy

2005 Premio Open Art, Rome, Italy

2002 "The textile art in Bulgaria" Union of Bulgarian Artists gallery Sofia Bulgaria

1998 International Symposium for plastic arts - Via Pontica - Iasna Poliana Bulgaria

1998 “The balkon” gallery in Burgas Bulgaria

1998 “Borovets” gallery in Borovets Bulgaria

1997 National Palace of Culture - “Bulgarian illustration” Bulgaria

1996 “Sozopol” gallery in Sozopol Bulgaria

1996 “Borovets” gallery in Borovets Bulgaria

1995 “Palas” gallery in Varna Bulgaria

1995 “Natalie” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1995 “Borovets” gallery in Borovets Bulgaria

1995 “Draka” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1995 “Vitosha” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1994 “Sozopol” gallery in Sozopol Bulgaria

1994 “Vitosha” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1993 “Vitosha” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1992 “Akrabov” gallery in Plovdiv Bulgaria

1992 “Vitosha” gallery in Sofia Bulgaria

1992 “Opus” gallery in Varna Bulgaria

1991 “G. Papazov” gallery Yambol Bulgaria

1990-1995 Union of Bulgarian Artists gallery the Spring Salon and the Autumn Salon

1989 “Sirak Skitnik” gallery in Sliven Bulgaria