Balz Bietenholz

Balz Bietenholz

Vanvouver, BC, Canada

About Balz Bietenholz

Born in Basel, Switzerland in 1961 Balz’s family emigrated to Canada a few years later. While growing up in Saskatoon there, his childhood also involved living in Khartoum, Paris, Florence, and London. He now resides in Vancouver, Canada.

A self taught artist, Balz”s work aims to provide the viewer with layered meanings and interpretations while still leaving room for the viewer’s own.

While the style of his artwork is often surreal, even if not in the most typical way, the technique is more like is collage. In the digital realm, traditional paper cutout collage gains the dimension of blurring, blending, and interweaving the different picture elements. The picture elements used in these digital collages come from his own photographs and drawings.

The creative process here can be described with cooking as a metaphor. You start with assembling ingredients (picture elements) that have some combination of aesthetic, emotional, narrative, or spiritual connection. The ingredients are then prepared and cooked (arranged and blended) into the final work of art.

The fit, or fusion, that happens with the right ingredients is the heart of the creative process for Balz.

These works are available as limited edition of 15 signed archivel photographic prints that are produced on demand.


C.V. of Balz Bietenholz

1989 - Published in Photographer's Forum magazine Best of Photography Annual:1989

1990 - Took part in B.C. Photographers 10th Aniversary group exhibition.

1993 - Published and awarded 1st prize in Photo Life magazine's annual contest.

1994 - Published in the sept. issue of Camera and Darkroom magazine.

1994 - Portfolio of work published in The Capilano Review , issue 2:14

1995-7-Took part in various group exhibitions at Photo Base gallery in Vancouver, B.C.

1996 - Launched 'Balthasar's Offerings' web site now retired.

1997 - Juried solo exhibition at the Vancouver Community Arts Council gallery.

1999 - Took part in juried group exhibition, Vernissage For All, at the Blackberry
Gallery in Port Moody, B.C.

2001 - Central exhibitor for the Photography Group Show at the Procter Gallery
in Port Arthur, Texas.

2006 - Feature artist in the July issue of Underground Voices magazine.

2011 - Published in The Best Of Worldwide Photography Artists Volume I

2017 - Awarded 1’st place in ArtWanted’s July photo contest themed “Water Photography”

Present - Balz continues to present his work on SAATCHI ART and ARTWANTED as well as several other locations on the web.