Eva Kalpadaki

Eva Kalpadaki

, United Kingdom

About Eva Kalpadaki

I love flirting with reality, which is always a challenge for me. My photographic practice is concerned with the perception of space, particularly of empty space from a psychoanalytical perspective, and the photographic representation of it in an abstract form as presented in the projects "˜Empty Space', "˜Part Objects' and "˜Red Space'.

These works, which are based on using quiet and discreet performative gestures of intervening in the space, brought up a passion and interest in the potentialities of the line in relation to my experience with my surrounding space. Inspired by the abstract expressionist qualities in the images from the series "˜Red Space', I am currently exploring this by using the space of Photography as my canvas, which at the same time operates as a self-referential space for Photography itself. A first example of this can be seen in the image Slash, 2010.


Born in Greece 1974. After she was awarded a Greek State Foundation scholarship she moved to UK to complete a PhD in Arts and Communication (Photography) at UCA. She is currently based in UK working as a fine art photographer, curator and photography lecturer. She also holds a degree in Physics from the University of Patras and a degree in Photography from T.E.I. of Athens in Greece, as well as a PGCE teaching certificate from the University of Brighton.