Banu Beyza

Banu Beyza

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

About Banu Beyza

I was born in Turkey and moved to UK many years ago and received a Fashion BA (Hons) degree from the University for the Creative Arts in UK. While I enjoyed working as a designer both in Turkey and UK, I felt it wasn't really fulfilling my passion for creation. I decided to learn oil painting while I was a freelance designer and it didn’t take much time that I found myself falling in love with art more than ever!…

I strongly influenced by fashion, photography and people. My work is about connections that human beings make or don’t make through language, expression, emotions, and desires. Exploring how we communicate, accept, or reject these connections to form relationships is a theme throughout my work….I focus on human figure, as it is often the vehicle which relays the connection.  Portraits are a predominant part of my work as I am fascinated and challenged by mostly subtle expression on the faces and body language ............

I am a self taught artist, love to work with oil, acrylic and ink and I don’t think that I will stick to one style only as I like to explore all the time different style, theme and go with the flow…


2003 - The University for the Creative Arts - Fashion Ba (Hons)

1999 - BTEC - Basingstoke College of Techonology - ( Fashion & Textile )


My work has seen in Tokyo, New York and Barcelona in Digital Art Showcases and Art Fairs in UK. I was a selected artist for Charity Art Auction - Doctors Without Borders at the Blenheim Palace in Oxford, UK in 2015…….............” As Seen In British Vogue” - 2016 February & June Edition.


2020 - Charity Exhibitions in US and UK
2019 - Landmark Arts Centre - London
2018 - Parallax Art Fair - London
2017 - Parallax Art Fair - London
2016 - " As Seen in Vogue " - June
Special Centenary Issue
2016- Tokyo International Art Fair
DAS - GAA - Japan
2016- "As seen in British Vogue"
Vogue's Gallery - February
2015- The Summer Oxford Art Fair - UK
2015 - Oxford International Art Fair - UK
2014 - Barcelona International Art Fair
DAS - GAA - Spain
2014 - Oxford International Art Fair - UK
2013 - The Story of the Creative - See Me
DAS - New York.