Elitsa Baramó

Elitsa Baramó

Sofia , Bulgaria

About Elitsa Baramó

I’m freelance artist, a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. I create the design of multiple books and publications. My paintings are in possession of some private and public collections.

I embraces Renaissance platform of the versatile man and the Fluxus ideas, keep up a spiritual friendship with artists like Cezanne, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Hundertwasser, Yves Klein, etc.

I like the feeling of the mega polices and their graffiti arts. I’m a consumer (of film, theater, music) and a creator. I’m interested in Eastern philosophy and the modern Western one.

I’m open for experiment and work in different genres, as well interdisciplinary.
For me the idea is the heart of the artifact, and the choice of expression is simply a variation in the translation (to visual language).

My exhibition biography grows (about 14 one-woman shows, 11 of them held in Germany), I took part in events and symposiums. As a national Bulgarian representative i participated with painting in the Francophone Games in Canada, the EU Mitte project in Germany, and the project Art Meets History – Grimbergen – Brussels, Belgium.

2005 painting award – Rolf Broenstrup- Hanover/
2003 painting award -Laatzen, Hanover/ Germany
2001 national representative on the IV-th
Francophone Games, Ottawa/ Canada
2001 Elaboration of the logo concept for the Bulgarian
participation in “Europalia -2002” festival /Belgium

Catalog Elitsa Baramova/ Ralf Ahrens 2003, Bulgaria;
ISBN 954-91303-1-2
Katalog zur Ausstellung “FFF” in der Mohr-Villa 2006,


1995/01 – National Art Academy, Illustrations and graphic design – master degree in arts – Sofia, Bulgaria
1989/94 – Specialized Art And Crafts School, textile class – Sofia, Bulgaria
from 2001 – freelancing


’15 Symposium Balchik/ Bulgaria; ‘13 Art Symposium Bankya/ Bulgaria; ’09 – Symposium Shabla/ Bulgaria; ’08 –Symposium Nessebar/ Bulgaria, Internat. Symposium EUropas Mitte – Fulda/ Germany (national representative); ’02 – Internat. Symposium, Union of Artists Wernigerode/ Germany

2003 – Studio Wasserscheune, proj.”Metamorph@sen, happening with Jazz Musician Gunter Hampel– Erbsen/ Germany


Group exhibitions
2018 – Armory artweeks, Stricoff Gallery – Chelsea, proj. “The Architect”, New York/ USA
– project “The woman in art - muse and artist”, Gallery “Classic”, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2017 – Art Basel, Artbox.Project, proj. “Nomads”, Switzerland
2016 – project “Art meets History”, Grimbergen-Brussels/ Belgium
2015 – Astry gallery – “Annual exhibition 30/30”, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2014 – Gallery V & V, Gallery Vivaart , Vienna/ Austria
2012 – Galerie “Europe”, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2010 – fifth Biennale of Small Forms, Pleven/ Bulgaria
2008/9 – Gallery of modern art “Shipka” 6, experimental art “Section 13”, object “SOS Golden Trees”, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2009 – Foreign Art Gallery “10 years of Francophonie “, proj. “Parallel realities ”, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2001 – “Musee des Beaux Arts”- a national representative on the IVth Francophone Games (compet. proj.“Alienation”), Ottawa/ Canada

Solo exhibitions
2017– White house culture center; h. Hebros – proj. “Homo Saltans”, Plovdiv/ Bulgaria
2013 – g. East-West, retrospective exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Bankya/ Bulgaria
2008 – gallery “Maxim”, Project “Monads” (painting and happening), Sofia/ Bulgaria
2006 – gallery Alte Feuerwache, proj.„Cuba Libre – Street Sequences“, Gottingen/ Germany
– VERDI Institut, Retrospective, Lage Hoerste/ Germany
2005 – Bulgarian Culture Institute, Retrospective, Berlin-Mitte/ Germany
– Gropius museum,proj. ”Form follows fiction”, Alfeld/ Germany
2004 – Laatzen municipality, Germany
– Goethe Institute, proj.“ Déjà-vu“, Gottingen/ Germany
– Kuenstlerhaus , proj. “Anthropocentimetries”, Gottingen/ Germany
’04, ‘03 – VERDI Institut , proj.“Geöffnete Türen”, Berlin Wannsee/ Germany
2003 – Studio Wasserscheune, proj.”Metamorph@sen, happening with Jazz Musician Gunter Hampel– Erbsen/ Germany
–“Torhaus” gallery, Retrospective, Braunschweig/ Germany
2002 – “Nikolov” gallery, Retrospective, Halle-Saale/ Germany
2000 – lokal “Arzberger”, Expressions – invited by Municipality –Vienna/ Austria
2001 – Gallery Artamonzev, proj. “Polyphonic”, Sofia/ Bulgaria