Beat Huebscher

Beat Huebscher

Schönenwerd, Schweiz, Switzerland

About Beat Huebscher

Beat Hübscher is a photographer and graphic designer, but painting with acrylic is also part of his work.
He names his art:
"Between photography and painting."

Specialized in digital photo manipulation and often in connection with acrylic painting, various works are created.
“My inspiration comes from artists from the Surreal, Cubism and Impressionism eras, but I am also interested in modernism, from realism to surrealism, from impressionism to abstract. I use photography as a tool, like a brush to paint. "
My works of art are colorful, multi-layered and variable in terms of topics and techniques. "I don't think I have a style because I am interested in a lot and also want to explore other styles and themes."
I have been able to design and sell many pictures as unique items for private individuals and companies (already over 90 pictures).
I am looking forward to being able to present my work at Saatchi Art and I hope to win one or two art lovers.


Photographer at Foto Atelier Louis Geneste Paris
Art School Paris (Art et lumière)
New art school Zurich
(various further education FA / Dipl. in
Marketing, communication and organization)


Some milestones
1971 Photographs for ImageArt magazine / Paul Montel Verlag Paris
1972-1978 photographs in publications / photo magazine, Kodak Professional
1974 Photo exhibition Christian Dior / with Serge Lutens (new collection), Baur au Lac Zurich
1976 Exhibition at the Nikon Gallery in Zurich
1978 Exhibition at Gallery 4 Zurich
1979 Intern. Professional Photo Contest Kodak Category Prize
1986 Exhibition of the Glass-Gallery Basel
1992 Gallery Tenne Zurich
1995 until today
over 30 m2 of pictures for glass manufacture / art on and under construction (Galvolux / Galvodecor Tessin)
2007 14 pictures for Hammam & Spa Bern /
2008 31 pictures for Solbad Schönbühl
(Areas sauna, spa, brine bath, relaxation room)
2009 11 pictures for Mineralbad & Spa Samedan / Architecture Miller & Maranta
2010 20 pictures for Thermalbad & Spa Zurich
2010 8 pictures for Institute IMA
2011 18 pictures for Termali Salini & Spa Locarno
2012 12 pictures for Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad / Architecture Mario Botta / 2012
2012 Art Exhibition Galerie Tenne Zurich
2014 18 pictures hotel and gastronomy Rigi-Kaltbad
2015 9 pictures, Bain-Bleu Geneva
2019 8 pictures (new theme world) Institute IMA
2020 Art Luxenbourg certificate
Starting in 2020, construction and preparation for future exhibitions and collaboration with galleries.