Beatrice Hoffman

Beatrice Hoffman

Oxford , Oxfordshire , United Kingdom

About Beatrice Hoffman

« Beauty to me is simplicity, clarity, concentration and must extend beyond decorative prettiness. Beauty holds contradictions, tensions, and ambivalence, it is a balance kept despite conflict. »
Beatrice Hoffman is a German sculptor based near Oxford in the United Kingdom whose works have been extensively exhibited on a national level.
Her art explores the universal themes relating to mythology, psychology, and spirituality, as well as mental states, relationships, human identity, maternal love, and solitude. Hoffman's abstract and figurative sculptures depict female figures, large, symbolic heads, and organic or geometric forms.
She sculpts in clay and plasticine ,a nd casts in resin and bronze.
Her sculptures are suited for the domestic square, the garden, or pubic spaces.


1985-86 Art Foundation Course, Lowestoft College of further Education
1986-89 Norwich School of Art
1989-90 Hertfordshire College of Art and Design, Postgraduate degree in Art Therapy


Gardens 2002-2019

2019: Cotswold Sculpture Park, Beaulieu 2018 Art For Cure Suffolk, Doddington, Shaw House ( Newbury)
2018 Art for Cure
2017 Marks Hall Essex; Sculpture Garden Cookham
2016/17 Oxford Festival of the Arts
2016 Doddington Lincolnshire
2015 – Savill Garden
2012 – ArtBeat, Delamore, Idlicote, Doddington
2010+11 Arlington Art Centre, Newbury
2011 – Hillier, NT Hidcote Manor, Althorp
2005 – ArtParks in Guernsey
2003 – NT Polesden Lacey
2002 – Borde Hill Surrey


Selected Solo and group shows, commissions and exhibitions in gardens

Solo Exhibitions:
2019 Arundel Gallery
2018 – Sewell Centre Gallery, Radley, with painter Manja Scott
2012 – North House Gallery Manningtree
2010 – Lewis Gallery Rugby “Sculptures 2000-2010”
2005 – Buckingham Gallery Suffolk
2000 – Gallery Jeanne Munich Germany

Commissions and public sculptures
2017-20 – “Walking Forwards” two life-size figures for the entrance of a UK hospital
2012 – “Ready” Olympic commission for Kingsthorpe College Northampton
2010 – "Comforting” Louise Kieselbach Heim Munich/Germany
1990 – “Mother and Child” (2,30m tall, Oak) Hall Special School in Norwich
1989/90 -“The Guardian” (2.50m tall, Oak) Norwich City Council

Selected Group Exhibitions:

NEW: Arundel Gallery, Luminaire Gallery /Chelsea/London
AS BEFORE: The Art Agency, Fosse House Gallery,

Little Buckland Gallery
Catherine Miller Gallery Chelsea/London
Arundel Contemporary Art East Sussex
Luminaire Arts Gallery Pimlico/ London
Francis Isles (Rochester), The Art Agency Galleries (Esher) Kyffin Gallery (Woodstock), Fosse House Gallery (Dunchurch) and the Taurus Gallery

2017 OAW, Oxford Festival of the Arts
The Mall, London – Woman Society of Arts Open Exhibition July
Francis Isles (Rochester) , The Art Agency Galleries (Esher)
Kyffin Gallery (Woodstock), and the Taurus Gallery (Oxford), Little Buckland Gallery
Heseltine Gallery

2016 Oxford Festival of the Arts
Burford Gallery
Little Buckland, Francis Isles, Buckingham and The Art Agency Galleries
Kyffin Gallery Woodstock

Ardquin Gallery
Quiddity, Newbury
Oxford Festival of the Arts
Art Agency Francis Ile and Buckingham Gallery

2014 “Discerning Eye” London

2013 – Little Buckland Gallery

2012 Galleri New Form, Sweden
2012-18Francis Iles Rochester, Kent
Bedford Street gallery
Art Agency Gallery

2011 Tarpey Gallery Leicestershire
RedRag Gallery Stow and Bath
Martins Gallery Cheltenham
Meller Merceux, Oxford
Arlington Arts Centre
Bevere Gallery, near Worcester

2003-13 Buckingham Gallery, Southwold

2009 – ArtForYouth Art Fair, Oxford and The Mall
Hemingway Gallery, near Oxford
2008 Orange Street Gallery, Uppingham, Rutland
Hemingway Gallery, near Oxford
2007 J gallery Shortlisted “Best of the Best Artist of Northamptonshire”
2006 – “Off The Wall” Art Fair Aylesbury
2006-8 – Broomhill Sculpture Park and Hotel (Devon)
2005 – Modern Artist Gallery Berkshire
Gallery Number Nine, Birmingham
Gallery Artifix, Sutton Colefield
Gallery Karen Taylor, Twickenham, London
2004-6 – Turnerfinearts (Art Agent in Birmingham)
2004-5 Gallery Sculptastix, Marylebone, London
2003-5 – Merriscourt Gallery, Chipping Norton
2003/4 Gallery “Inspire” in Oxford
2003 – Galerie Hoopman (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Gallery Julia Boston , London
2002-3 – “Works on Paper”, Royal College of Art

Art Fairs 2003-2019
( through galleries “The Art Agency” and “ Francis Isle”, and with artist collective Susan Moxley et all)
London/Battersea and Hampstead, Bristol and Surrey, Decorative Fair London,
FRESH in Cheltenham Discerning Eye (2014)
ArtforYouth 2014+19