Bram Eliaert

Bram Eliaert

Oosterzele, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

About Bram Eliaert

What inspires me are my many travels, the people I meet, the pictures I take, and the ideas that come in to my mind while having a break. In my work I am very much driven by an intense craving for spirituality. Nevertheless, I struggles with the many taboos, rules and regulations that the various religions impose on their followers. I trie to expose these taboos in my work in a light-hearted way. At the same time, I don't want to come across as offensive or judgmental. Humour is the best remedy against rigidity. The Life of Brian versus the Ten Commandments. Another subject is balance, which may or may not be faltering. It is the struggle that we as humans go through to bring life to a good conclusion. This is a tough process of constant trial and error and trying to keep going.
These days the global climate problems effect me a lot. This starts to shine true in my work. The way we treat our most precious Mother earth is so striking. For that reason I started making Bronze trees and half-human half-trees so that future generations will be able to know how trees looked like and even trick them that we once where one.


I am a student of Walter De Buck. A Belgian Artist from a previous generation. He started a training center with different workshops in handicrafts. From forging over stone carving to bronze casting. He trained me for 3 years in coppersmith and bronzecasting. Later on I became his assistent. I worked for 8 years in his workshop, training new students, coordinating and carrying out monumental statues he designed.The best schooling I could get.


I have been participating in several events in Belgium and the Nederlands in the last 15 years.


I have been exhibiting year round for many years.
Here are some of the most important exhibitions.

“Creatievloot”, Gent 2001
“Creatievloot”, Puyenbroek 2004
“Tuin en beeld”, Kemmel 2004
“Kunstreflectie Dender”, Dendermonde 2005
and 2007
“Een Leiedorp vol beelden”, Leerne 2006
“solo-exibition”, Gent 2006
“Beelden op de Scheldeboulevard”, Terneuzen 2007
and 2008
Tentoonstelling in Brielemeersen, Deinze 2007
Tentoonstelling in De Klokke, Zottegem 2013
Artgallery G14, Gent 2013
Aandacht Aandacht Destelbergen 2016
Artgallery Gannash, Gent 2016
Artgallery Vanpaemel, Diksmuide 2017
artgallery Atelier Privé, Ieper 2017
Beeldenroute, Lissewege 2017
Kunst experiment, Gent 2018
Kathartgallery, Knokke From 2015 till now