Victoria Belvic

Victoria Belvic

London, Great Britain

About Victoria Belvic


"All of my painting knowledge is the result of following my interests, passions, and curiosity. The beauty of a frozen moment is a primary concept and focus in my art practice. I contemplate through my works and I wish that people will think about freedom." Victoria

Victoria shares her wonderment of the world in a painting practice highly informed by her background in design. With each distillation of an impression, Victoria attempts to make sense of the world by categorically manipulating expression, texture, colors, and form.

Victoria began her career as a mural and decorative artist at the age of 15. Design-centric she launched her art with the goal of exploring indulge her creativity in an expressionistic direction. Her work seeks to explore colors, harmony, texture and create highly stylized expression paintings.

Victoria was born in 1982 in Moscow (Russia). She received her Bachelor's Degree from the Moscow Academic Art Сollege; specialty: designer of an architectural and spatial environment. MAAC is known for its work ethic, approach, and conceptual thinking in multidisciplinary studies and technical exploration. Since graduating, Victoria has been furthering her art experience as a full-time independent artist. Her artworks are held in private collections in the USA, UK, Europe, and Singapore.


Graduated from Moscow Academic Art Сollege, Russia; speciality: designer of architectural and spatial environment.


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