Ben Rotman

Ben Rotman

tel aviv, tel aviv center, Israel

About Ben Rotman

Ben Rotman creates a unique combination of talents as an artist and the online resources available to elaborate. Rothman uses this ability and create a work
With the artistic values "‹"‹of creation made "‹"‹of illustration, oil paint and brush.
Technological means occupy much space the post modernist art and they can not replace talent. In this case the combination produce a work that includes depth and values "‹"‹of traditional painting.
Israeli artist Ben Rotman, painter, designer, born in Tel Aviv demonstrated the unique abilities worldwide exhibitions and winning many awards. Studied art in Zurich graduate who in Switzerland.
Ben Rothman affected by many of the characters he sees and meets in Tel Aviv on the spectrum, the beach, and the figures give the urge Rabbi Ben Rotman creates and who was born and lives and paints in Tel Aviv and in addition, the Israeli landscape and Israeli light gives the expression
Bright colors in his paintings.
Topics that focuses Rotman: nude, erotic, urban, urban, figures, people characters, men, women, landscapes and abstracts.

I teach at the University, and also volunteer for autistic children.

I created a new genre / direction in painting, a connection between abstract and figurative!


art in Israel. & zurich & paris


Future Shows: 04.09.08 in frankfurt
17.03.2017 in israel at my studio

30.06.2017 I received the second UN Universal Prize on Human Rights for oil painting


Representative of Israel, Florence International Biennale. 2019

Bari, Italy
20.12.2002 - 18.01.2003
Vatencia, Spain

Omma - International Art
Festival “Chania 2003”
Chanina, Greece
15.03.2003 - 30.03.2003

Art Domain
Palma, Spain
05.04.2003 - 30.04.2003

Chanina, Greece
July 2003

Grupo Batik Art
Barcelona, Spain
07.07.2003 - 31.07.2003

Agora Gallery
N.Y, U.S.A
September, 2003

Biennale - Florence
Florence, Italy
06.12.2003 - 14.12.2003

Art Hotel - Vienna
Vienna, Austria
01.08.03 - 31.10.03

KunstlerbundGalerie - Graz
Graz, Austria
05.05.2004 - 30.05.2004

Gallery dorint Hotel - Seefeld
Seefeld, Austria
27.01.2005 - 15.03.2005

Kibutz Gan Shmuel
Pardess Chana, Israel
Kibuz Gan Shmuel Gallry
27.01.2007 - 10.02.2007

Artartelier24 BbkFrankfurt
ביוזמת ובגלרייה של עירית פרנקפורט
Frankfurt, germany
04.09.2008 - 28.09.2008

Gallery Amalia Arbel Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
08.08.2009 - 28.08.2009

College of Business Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
15.09.2009 - 15.10.2009

Chateaux - Mizpe Hayamim
Zafet, Israel
31-03-2010 - 28.02.2010

גלרייה רוטשילד 65 - תל אביב


סטודיו ניראון



30.04.2017 London
08.08.2018 New York and San Francisco