Turan Büyükkahraman

Turan Büyükkahraman

İstanbul, Esenler, Turkey

About Turan Büyükkahraman

My work has been created in series at different periods. My first works are city walls and posters in photo realistic style. It is all oil painting on canvas. The second term is wall abstractions, acrylic on paper and acrylic on canvas. My recent works consist of geometric abstractions with a spiritual theme.


1990-1996 Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department license. 2006 Master's degree at Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts University Institute of Social Sciences


1996- 3rd prize of TÜYAP Young artists painting contest. 2007- Ümraniye Municipality "Mevlana" painting contest 2nd prize. 2008- 27th Contemporary Artists Istanbul exhibition, Aksanat. 2011- Ümraniye Municipality 2nd prize in the painting competition on "Road and Travel". 2013- Ümraniye Municipality Mansion Award for painting contest on "Istanbul Houses and Life in Time Tunnel".


Solo Exhibitions: 1996- Adile Sultan Summer Palace Teacher and cultural house. ISTANBUL. 2002- Adile Sultan Summer Palace Teacher and cultural house. ISTANBUL. 2009- Ziraat Bank Mithat Pasha Art Gallery. ANKARA. 2010- Piramid Art Gallery. ISTANBUL. 2011- Art Suites Gallery. Bodrum Mugla. 2012- Cihangir Art Gallery. Istanbul. 2013-Yengeç Art Platform Bodrum -MUĞLA. 2014- Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Istanbul. 2017- Eva Art Gallery 2019- Piramid Art Gallery, İstanbul 2020 - Mira Koldaş sanat galerisi Çankaya ANKARA