Barry Lorne

Barry Lorne

Calgary, AB, Canada

About Barry Lorne

Born Lancaster England 1961 immigrated to Canada 1974.“I consider myself to be an emblematic painter using symbols and icons to create a visual language. Many of the figures and images I use throughout my work are displaced, fringe or outsider characters. I choose these characters in part to my early childhood growing up in a class-based society as well as my status as an immigrant. When you are an immigrant you are left with a sense of loss for the culture you left behind and detachment with your adopted culture. I believe this sense of being displaced contributes to my way of working as an artist and plays a large role in how I create my imagery…as well I find that by using icons/symbols throughout my work they lend themselves to being open for interpretation and alternatively more inclusive for the viewer.”


BFA Fine Art/Painting from University Of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.