Hannah Barlag

Hannah Barlag

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Hannah Barlag

I am working as a Mural and Fresco artist. My Fine Art is in private collections in Mongolia, Chili, Denmark, Russia, UAE, Germany, Italy, UK, USA. I hope more countries will come.

I try to capture fleeting moments and transient effects of light on canvas.
You can usually see deep shadows or neon glows contrasting with the main object which makes the scene look alive, deep and mysterious.

Where I can't create the necessary volume with paints I am using the applique technique but without over-decoration/saturation of short-living tendencies. It helps me to create multilayers in works.
I paint realistic but without the coldness or blindness of photorealism

I am fascinated by how magnificent the world is and working to bring out its mysterious beauty.

info and exhibitions:


2008 - 2014  
Stroganof Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. Department of Fresco and Mural.

2002 – 2008
Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum

2001 – 2002
Artschool § 4 (Moscow Russia)


Gallery "Uhrwerk" (Berlin Germany)
Personal online exhibition "Stay at Forest"

January 2019
Norphei Art Gallery (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)

Feb 2019
Gallery "Wedding" (Berlin Germany)
Moderne Renaissance

Apr 2019
Gallery "Kulturhaus Spandau" (Berlin Germany)
Exhibition dedicated to the view of an Old German City Spandau.

Dec 2019
Gallery "St. Nikolai Museum" (Berlin Germany)
Christmas eve exhibition.

Sept 2018
Gallery of the Union of Mongolian Artists (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)
‘Ulaanbaatar 2018’ International Art Festival

Ulaan Red Ger Creative Space (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)
Joint Exhibition "Talk about human"

May 2017
Gallery "Happy Art Museum" (Riga Latvia)
Exhibition «Flora, flowers and all living things»

Jun 2017
Gallery "Noass" (Riga Latvia)
Art dedicated to annual Latvia festival Ligo - celebrating the summer solstice

August 2017
Gallery "Baltic Beach Hotel" (Riga Latvia)
Personal Exhibition "Baltic landscapes"

Jun 2016
Equestrian center Buguldeyka (Irkutsk Russia)
Mural "Spirits of the Mongolian desert"

Oct 2016
The International equestrian exhibition (Moskow Russia)
"Still Heavens"

Dec 2016
Mayakovsky Theatre (Moscow Russia)
Permanent personal exhibition and mural art

Gallery "Uhrwerk" (Berlin Germany)
Personal exibition "Spectral studies"

Sculpture Park and Museum "MUSEON" (Moscow Russia)
Annual Festival among different Moscow art schools

Polo Club "Silver Wood" (Moscow Russia)
Joint exhibition

Union of Theatre Workers "STD" (Moscow, Russia)
Joint Exhibitiob

Polo club "Silver Wood" (Moscow, Russia)
Personal Exhibition

Art lyceum exhibition hall (Moscow, Russia)
Joint exhibition

International art competition Bitola 2004 Award for best single creations at the 22th exibition Golden Palette (Macedonia)
"Knight Tournament. Meeting Ivanhoe and Lady Rowena" by Walter Scott