Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson

Pacific Palisades, CA, United States

About Brenda Anderson

My paintings at the moment reflect my interest in horizon lines, muted pallets and the subtle changes of light and time on waterscapes and farming areas. Even though my work quite often mimics the coast line and fields of California, it is primarily through my months spent each summer on Lake Michigan and frequents visits to Telluride, Colorado, that inspire the layouts and palette. The many lakes and orchards in the areas I choose to paint are constantly changing with the erratic weather patterns. I try to document these changes; the serenity of an abandoned beach, pounding waves on the shore line after a thunderstorm, dark, cruel rushing water and snowy orchards. My Telluride pieces are usually quite simple and filled with light because that that is what I experience each time I go. I want to capture the drama of sky vs endless fields and the sharp hike of mountain. Each site that I have chosen to paint is lovingly detailed, solitary and actually exists.
My work begins with quick watercolor sketches and the use of multiple photos taken of each area. As I love the twilight time, I must be quick to get my subject laid out or the light will be gone. The aim is to capture the shimmer just before sundown, the wild cloud formations and colorful sky. All work is begun on site then completed in the studio using a combination of both acrylic and water based oils. I like pieces that are part of a series, because they are able to tell a more complete story. These are just a few pieces of the many that I have recorded while in Michigan and Colorado.


The artist has a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Michigan, has done graduate work at the University of Maryland and attended the School for Visual Art in NYC. She was also a docent at the UCLA Wright Gallery for 10 years,as well as, an Art Council Board member.

Her first job as an art teacher began at the Chapin School in New York City. She has now been a thirty year resident of Southern California and recently completed a twenty year career as a visual arts instructor at the prestigious Harvard -Westlake School, where she taught Painting, Mixed Media and was Chairman of the Middle School Art Department.

Ms Anderson has been exhibiting and selling her work for several decades in the Los Angeles area. Her paintings have shown at The Schomberg Gallery, Bergamont Station Art complex, local art association exhibitions and grace commercial and private residences through out the county.

She makes her home in Pacific Palisades,California with her husband and two grown sons and summers at her family cottage in Leelanau County, Michigan.


Currently Showing @

The Shomburg Gallery, Bergamont Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave E3A
Santa Monica, CA 90404