Brigitte Thériault

Brigitte Thériault

Québec, QC, Canada

About Brigitte Thériault

Brigitte Thériault
Fine Art Film Photography (6×7 camera & film).
Original & Limited Edition, since 1988...

''It was at the age of 14 that the photograph appears to me as an extraordinary means of expression. The nature and the great outdoors attracts me, I dream to travel around the world. At that time, photography practice was still sacred, the darkroom was my favorite place, the smell of bath chemistry, his calm appearance and red lighting, it was magical. The collection presented here represents this lost magic, each image was made with a traditional camera Pentax 6x7 and varied films, each roll is only ten 10 exposures, so I hold my breath every time I ’ press the shutter button. Then the wait, it is a great pleasure to await the results of my shots and go see my films in the lab, it’s a surprise every time to rediscover memories, places visited and sometimes forgotten. Each film is then examined carefully, photographs that will grab my attention more pass to scan, the negative or slide will become a digital file. The final step is to work with the image using software to create a universe of poetry. Finally, the classic darkroom disappeared from my process to leave much place for my computer. Every picture you see here was done with care, passion and love .

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I propose others kind of beautiful art, as original photo-design patterns for home decoration, one of a kind ceramics and others cool things, all inspired by nature...


Photography & cinema, minor
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 1995-96

Cegep du Vieux-Montréal, Canada. 1991-94