brunella fratini

brunella fratini

vasto, chieti, Italy

About brunella fratini

I live and work in Italy, in Vasto, a small provincial town. My region, Abruzzo, is the place that started my visual dialogue with the landscape. A six years, I bought my first camera, a Kodak automatic yellow, I thought not knowing I could take away draw with me the secrets of what I saw. The camera has always been my faithful accomplice, a medium surprising that forces me to destroy to create, to look to the soul as well as the eyes. Leads me to look for the chaos to have order. I have always been inspired by the colors and the light of my land, extreme Italian province, and the poetic images of some Italian authors, but also to Italian artists who made light of the pure essence of color. I speak of Ettore Spalletti, Franco Fontana and Luigi Ghirri. I really like the work of women, including love Annie Leibowitz for his eccentric style and visionary and the Dutch artist Ellen Kooi. Every day when I wake up I think about what I’d like to take pictures, everything that I have not seen, and in this vagueness is the beauty of photography.


He attended grammar school d'Annunzio in Pescara, a degree in Communication Sciences, with Prof. Italo Moscati.
2001-2013 Ha collaborated with the preparation of the regional newspaper the Messenger and with the Rome office of The Unit.

Since 2006 Colabora with the agency Abcgrafiche Vasto and works as a freelance photographer.


WHERE, The Messenger, Travel Republic, Vanity Fair, The Vario, Good and Beautiful, Treasures of Abruzzo, Men's Health, Economic Observatory, Artabout Magazine, Barnum reviews, Rouse Magazine, Good Blood Magazine, Photoroom magazine, Il Parlato review, Disclose Magazine,

2008 "Infinitely Vasto", photo book, and the New, Vasto
2012 Cover image "The wandering circus of Balance", by Lorenzo Pierfelice

2015 Sea Space Self Publishing, handmade book limited edition

2017 Cover and book for Domenico Imperato. Photographic project inspired by Rêverie for the singer-songwriter's record.

Disclose Magazine, Italy
BELLAVISTA, La pilla music


Participation awards
Arte Laguna Prize, Heavenly Prize, Award National Geographic Italy, prize Basilio Cascella, Lens Culture Portrait Awards, Award SACI International florence, Tiziano Terzani Prize, Award Frères des Hommes Italy, Milan "The water at the time of thirst."

Photo exhibition

2001 "Camera chiara" - the River Festival and the memory, Pescara. Italy

2002 ANIMADVERSIONE, Photo exhibition at the Museum of the People of Abruzzo, Pescara. Italy

2012 "Reverie" Mondadori Bookshop, Vasto Italy

2012 “Reverie”, Castello Svevo Termoli Italy

2012 "Confusions" collective contemporary art Lanciano, Ch Italy

2012 Art Award in the dunes, Regional Reserve of Punta Aderci, Vasto, Ch Italy

2013 Cicatrici, Piazza Plebiscito, Lanciano Italy

2013 CICTRICI, Aurum, Pescara Italy

2013 CICTRICI, Libreria Mondadori, Vasto Italy

2013 Art Award in the dunes, Regional Reserve of Punta Aderci, Vasto, Ch, Italy

Next event
26.27 /02/2016 "Sea Space experience sensitive", photographic installation.

08.07/31.08 2016 Rêverie project for "Clartè", Stills of Peace international extibition, museo capitolare Atri (Teramo) Italy.
24.07/ 21.08 2016 Sea Space exhibition,Palazzo Parisse, Monteprandone, (Ap).

18.02 / 4.03 /2017
Personal exhibition curated by Daniela Pietranico, Dello Iacono Comunica Studio's, Pescara, Italy

8.07 / 16.07 /2017
Personal exhibition, BRUNELLA FRATINI_ ESPERIENZA SENSIBILE, curated by Daniela Pietranico, Area Marina Protetta Torre di Cerrano, Pineto (Te), Italy

18.02 / 08.03 2019
FLUENS on Vittoria Colonna Museum of Modern Art, how Italy, Pescara, curated by Daniela Pietranico.