Rhea Carmi

Rhea Carmi

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Rhea Carmi

Rhea (Bruria) Carmi was born 1942 in Jerusalem, a land that is spiritual and passionate, Searing and volatile.
These words very well describe the artist as well as her works.
Over the last thirty-four years she produced a body of
work that celebrates with antiquity the everlasting human spirit, which survives the brutality, and insanity of war, aridity and harshness of human nature as it endures.

She studied visual art at Tel-Aviv University 1974-1976,
and attended Ramat-Gan Institute for the Arts, 1977-1979.
She moved to Los Angeles in 1981, and resides in Northridge
California with her husband of 54 years.

Rhea utilizes a variety of media: oils, sand, water, treated paper, canvas and wood; which she layers, smooth’s and sculpts to create the abstract impressions, which demand tactile as well as visual interplay. Her works (over 600 paintings) are perceived as the topography of intimate landscapes, as well as the mapping of emotions and sensations devoid of familiar forms. The paintings are a personal diary of the artist as she chronicles the events that had an impact on humanity and nature.

These works combine to express the feelings of introspection, conflict, human emotion, and the effects of malicious wielding of power and greed on humanity.

Rhea's work has been exhibited in Israel, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, New York and Los Angeles.


Studied visual art:-Tel Aviv University 1974 - 1976 Ramat-Gan Institute for the Art 1977 - 1979


1980 Bet-Yad-Levanim Tel-Aviv, Israel

1980 The Tel-Aviv Art Pavilion Tel-Aviv, Israel

1980-1981 Turel Art Gallery Tel-Aviv & New York.

1981 131/2 Art gallery Jaffa, Israel

1984 Pacific Design Center of Los-Angeles.

2004 Tar Fest Los-Angeles.

2004 Juried Exhibition at "Lawrence Asher" Gallery.

2004 B.G.H Santa Monica, California.

2004 Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles , California.

2005 Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

2005 Solo Show, Lawrence Asher Gallery Los Angeles California.

2006 Solo Show ,The Gotthelf Art Gallery La Jolla, California.

2006 Klapper Gallery Los Angeles, California.

2006 Solo Show ,Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles California.

2007 Galerie Le Cocon, Hamburg, Germany.

2007 Solo Show LA Contemporary, Culver City.

2007 Riverside Art Museum “Keeping it Straight” (group).

2007 Torrance Art Museum (group).

2008 Solo Show Frank Pictures, Bergamot Station, California. Apr.-May

2008 Solo Show SOKA, California. September-December 31

2008 Solo Show Villa Di Donato, Naples, Italy. Oct.-Nov

2009 USC-Hillel Los Angeles California.
A companion exhibition with LA Municipal Art Gallery
2009 Solo-Show Concordia University O.C, California

2010 Bell Gallery Los Angeles, California

2010 Four Season Hotel Gallery

2010 OCCCA

2010 LAMAG Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

2010 The Gotthelf Art Gallery La Jolla, California

2010/2011 Four Seasons Hotel Gallery

2011 Fresh Paint, Culver City, California

2012 Four Seasons Art gallery, Westlake village, California

2012 Keller Williams, Encino, California

2012 LA Art Platform, Santa Monica, California

2013 UCLA Hillel, Westwood, California

2014 Grolle fine Art, Winnipeg, Canada

2014 Villa Di Donato, Naples, Italy.
2014 Festival-A-Part, Dialogues avec Goya, Les Beaux De Provence,

2015 AJRCA, The Spiritual in Art, Los Angeles, California.

2015 Jerusalem Biennale