Bryce Hudson

Bryce Hudson

Louisville, KY, United States

About Bryce Hudson

Bryce Hudson is a widely exhibited and published contemporary artist living in the United States. The bulk of his work deals with social issues surrounding ideas of race, beauty, gender identity politics and stereotypes in contemporary society. The weapons in his arsenal; bold color, pattern, composition, symbolism and digital manipulation of pre-existing imagery. Hudson's esthetic is inspired by historical art movements; modernism, post-modernism, minimalism, pop, neo plasticism "” yet the work itself is inspired by life in contemporary society.

Hudson works across media. Contemporary abstract geometric paintings "” wherein he explores identity and race through use of color and composition; in recent work he uses architectural photographs and strips them of all context to create dizzying compositions. His digitally manipulated imagery from muscle magazines and beauties in advertising explores society's issues of beauty. To create the Kentucky Gentleman Series he hired an entire theater staff to transform him into serious or comical versions of every race he's ever been mistaken for "” then he photographed himself. He also experiments with pattern and color in ways that present similar issues in either a reductive or visually redundant fashion. Spring 2011, Hudson begins work on a series of cast glass sculptures and returns to his primary love of painting.

Experimentation and evolution are essential to the development of all contemporary artists... If I had to reduce why I am an artist down to its essence it would be that my worth is based on the ability to grow and change with my surroundings, to inspire transformation and spark dialogue and thought in others, to always be mindful of what surrounds me (abstract or concrete) and to always formulate, reinterpret and reissue information into my own unique voice.

"” Bryce Hudson


Kent State University, Kent Ohio USA


Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

2015 – Morean Arts Center – St. Petersburg, FL
2015 – Solo Exhibition of New Works – Brian Marki Fine Art – Palm Springs, CA
2014 – Art Palm Springs – The Duane Reed Gallery – Palm Springs, CA
2014 – Art Palm Beach – The Duane Reed Gallery – Palm Beach, FL
2014 – Art Miami – The Duane Reed Gallery
2013 – New Works – The Green Building Gallery, Louisville KY
2012 - Speed Art Museum - Louisville, KY
2012 - Thomas Moore College - Cincinnati, OH
2012 - Koru Contemporary - Hong Kong, HK
2012 - East African Art Biennale - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Africa
East African Art Biennale - Nairobi, Kenya
East African Art Biennale - Kampala, Uganda
East African Art Biennale - Kigali, Rwanda
East African Art Biennale - Bujumbura, Burundi
2011 - Art Teipei - Taipei, Tiawan
2011 - Summer Heat - Land of Tomorrow Gallery
2011 - LoCal Designs, Pattern and Color in Contemporary Art - Zephyr Gallery
2011 - Presentation - The Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY

Past Exhibitions :: 2010 - 2006
2010 - Embracing Ambiguities - California State University, Fullerton, CA
2009 Solo Exhibition Green Building Gallery
2008 Group Exhibition - The Kentucky Museum of Art and Design
2008 City Myths Luminary Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
2008 Artist-in-Residency NY Arts International, Beijing, China
2007 Solo Exhibit Green Building Gallery
2007 Finding Family 21c Museum, Louisville, KY
2006 Navigation, Gallery 253, Atlanta, GA
2006 Navigation, Gallery Nulu, Louisville, KY
2006 Mason Muir Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
2006 Invitational Aaaron Galleries, Chicago, IL
2006 Invitational Art Chicago, Chicago, IL
2006 Invitational Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2005-2006 New Acquisitions Henry Schein INC., Melville NY
2005-2006 HEXONA: IdentitySwap, The Adorno Studio, Louisville, KY

Past Exhibitions :: 2005- 1997
2005 Group Exhibition Exhibitions 2d, Marfa TX
2005 The Water Tower Annual The Water Tower Art Museum, Louisville KY
2005 Minimalism Swanson Reed Contemporary Louisville KY
2004 The Water Tower Annual The Water Tower Art Museum, Louisville KY
2003 Invitational Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville KY
2003 Invitational Exhibitions 2D, Marfa TX
2003 Invitational The Kentucky State University, Frankfort KY
2002 Invitational Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville KY
2001 NEXT The Watertower Museum of Art, Louisville KY
2000 Invitational Soloman Fine Art, Seattle WA
2000 About Skin Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville KY
1999 Inequitable Conditions Gallery of Fine Arts , Lexington KY
1999 Beyond The Walls The Speed Art Museum, Louisville KY
1997 Group Exhibit Gallerie Nicolae, Columbus OH

1997 Full Scholarship, Kent State University, Kent OH
2002 Speaker, Digital Media in Contemporary Art
Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY
2000 New Artists Award, Water Tower Art Museum, Louisville KY
2004 Partial Scholarship, Scholarship America, St. Peter, MN
2005 Kentucky Arts Council Grant

Bryce Hudson: Explorations in the Shadow of Pop Culture
ISBN-10: 0979700612
ISBN-13: 978-0979700613
Published by: Holland Brown Books