Martin Cambriglia

Martin Cambriglia

Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy

About Martin Cambriglia

Born in Buenos Aires in 1982 and grow up in Milan, Martin Cambriglia lives and works since 1989 in Milan, Italy. Painter and musician, his pictorial research is rooted in Italian futurism and in dreamlike surrealism with particular attention to a continuous dialogue between visual and musical language.The fluidity of the sign and its rhythm, the broken and re-harmonized equilibria are based on different techniques, they all flow together to create a lyrical but profoundly powerful image.


The School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco in Milan from 2010 to 2013

Conservatory of Music in Milan " G Verdi" from 1998 to 2006


2017 Collective exhibition, “Le mille e una moka” - Monastero di Cairate (Varese)
2017 Collective exhibition - LiberArte FamKorè (Arma di Taggia)
2017 Solo exhibition “Gufolario” - Midsummer Fest (Triora)
2017 Collective exhibition, “Seminare un libro” - Masnago Castle (Varese)
2017 Solo exhibition “Bologna Harp Festival” - Music Museum (Bologna)
2016 Collective exhibition, “Codex Arboreum Maior” - Tiraboschi Library (Bergamo)
2016 Solo exhibition, ”Eire” - Bustofolk, Museo del Tessile (Busto Arsizio)
2016 Solo exhibition, “Vibrisse” - Festival dei Gatti (Grazzano Visconti)
2016 Collective exhibition, 15 june - Palazzina Liberty (Milano)
2016 Collective exhibition, “Codex Arboreum Maior” - Gogol Library (Milano)
2016 Collective exhibition “Arte sul Naviglio” (Milano)
2016 Collective exhibition “Branding art” (Firenze)
2016 Collective exhibition “Gustarti” (Pavia)
2015 Solo exhibition “Gufolario” - Festival dei Gufi (Grazzano Visconti)
2015 Collective exhibition, “Codex Arboreum Maior” - Fabbrica del Vapore (Milano)
2015 Collective exhibition, “AMA Festival” (Chiari)
2015 Collective exhibition, “10 illustratori x 10 diritti” - Palazzo Moroni (Pietrasanta)
2014 Collective exhibition, Plaumann Art Gallery - via S.Marta, 8 (Milano)
2014 Collective exhibition “Branding art” Palazzo della Gran Guardia (Verona)
2014 Collective exhibition “Branding art” - via Dante,14 (Milano)
2013 Collective exhibition - La filanda (Cernusco sul Naviglio)
2013 Collective exhibition - BNL di via dell’Orso, 3 (Milano)
2013 Collective exhibition - Galleria Franca Pezzoli (Clusone)
2013 Collective exhibition - Scuola d’Arte applicata del Castello Sforzesco (Milano)
2013 1° Prize at competition, “Dire Maria, donna e donna di fede” (Bergamo)
2012 Collective exhibition “Happy birthday Italy” - OneLujiazui (Shangai)
2012 Collective exhibition - Foro Italico (Roma)
2011 Collective exhibition, “Womanhood” - Operbacco Spazio Arte (Travagliato)
2011 Collective exhibition - ArtEhon, Ltd.a (Tokyo)
2010 Collective exhibition - Speakeasy (Milano)
2010 Solo exhibition, 2/8 august - Palazzo Marinoni Barca (Clusone)
2009 Collective exhibition - Old Fashion Cafè (Milano)
2009 2° Prize - Competition “Affiche 2010 Sapori ad Arte” (Asciano)
2009 Solo exhibition, 5/9 august - M.A.T. Museo Arte e Tempo (Clusone)
2008 Solo exhibition, 3/10 august - Palazzo Marinoni Barca (Clusone)
2007 Solo exhibition, 8/14 october - Le Gaine (Brescia)
2007 Finalist “La forma del gusto” - Amici della L.A.B.A. (Brescia)
2007 Collective exhibition “Pittori Cercasi” - Villa Venino (Novate Milanese)
2007 Solo exhibition, 17/20 july - Parco Nastro Azzurro (Clusone)
2007 Solo exhibition - Circolo Filologico Milanese (Milano)
1998 2° Prize - Competition Mondadori and Caran d’Ache