Favio Caraguay

Favio Caraguay

Marathon, FL, United States

About Favio Caraguay

Ecuadorian artist born in 1981.
His artistic proposal DIFFERENTLY RESONATING art, researches the potential of a new era that he calls “RUNACENO”, reflecting upon the anthropocene and its corresponding challenges of global warming, environmental destruction, pandemics, and corresponding racial and gender concerns. Caraguay currently lives in the Florida Keys.


MA, Art Studies & Graduate Certificate in Art and Anthropology, University of Cuenca, Ecuador.
2017; B.A. Plastic Arts, National University of Loja; Independent designer, photographer, chasky artist, and researcher.


Invited to contribute book cover on International Relations from the Global South (https://www.routledge.com/International-Relations-from-the-Global-South-Worlds-of-Difference/Tickner-Smith/p/book/9781138799103 ).
Invited to represent Ecuador in the exhibition of contemporary indigenous art called "Uyayta Shuyuchik", (Visualize the Sonorous), Chicago 2019, declaration as the International year of Indigenous Languages, proclaimed by the United Nations.
Latest Awards: (1) “Eduardo Kingman Riofrío” Award for artistic merit; (2) “Golden Feathers” distinction for representing Ecuador in several international contests


During the last years he has participated in important international and national exhibitions in: Florida, Madrid, Malaga, Chicago, Venice, Paris, Lima, Piura, Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Loja, Arequipa.