Carol Joy Shannon

Carol Joy Shannon

Beaufort, SC, United States

About Carol Joy Shannon

I've been painting since 2002, and full time since 2005. I had a public studio in the Warehouse District in Raleigh, NC starting in 2007, and eventually owned the gallery. During the last 15 years my work has been shown in numerous galleries and juried events around the country, winning awards and the recognition of commissions and collectors in the public, private and corporate world. Two of my City Series paintings are in municipal collections and a number of my cities have been commissioned by international corporations.


I am a self-taught painter but I've worked with artists from around the country and the world in the groups and galleries I was associated with in the Raleigh art community, and put in the 10,000 hours of application to my craft 3 times. I've also taken advantage of some of the best critique groups any artist could want, including 200 hours of a critique group led by Benjamin Forrest Williams, a painter who studied under Matisse at the Louvre School, and who was the first curator of the NC Museum of Art.


Over the course of 15 years, I showed my work at juried art festivals around the United States and have won many awards, been featured artist, been shown on billboards and magazine covers and invited to jury, curate and talk. Some of the events to which I was regularly invited to participate include The Festival of the Masters (Disney World), International World of Artists (Raleigh), the Bayou City Art Festivals in downtown Houston and Memorial Park, Beaux Arts Festival (University of Miami), Artsplosure, Red Dot Show at Art Basel Miami, Fine Arts Festival of Oklahoma City, the Cottonwood Festival and many others.


Exhibitions in group and solo shows during my years in the Raleigh art community are numerous and include the first Artist Challenge:Frank Stella at the NC Museum of Art, Art of the State/State of the Art at the Cameron Museum in Wilmington, Mid-Century Modern in Roseville CA, solo shows at the 311 West Martin Gallery, the Miriam Block Gallery, the Durham Convention Center and others. My work is currently shown at the Thibault Gallery in Beaufort SC and the Seaworthy Gallery in Hatteras NC.