Chris Crewe

Chris Crewe

Toronto, ON, Canada

About Chris Crewe

« I hope you will see a starting point and maybe get a bit lost: I hope that you will dream. »
Emerging artist Chris Crewe compares life to a trapeze act. Always knowing that the next rung will be there, he hasn't fallen yet. The Canadian artist has been studying the use of sledgehammer as a paintbrush, replicating marks, and incorporating them into his abstract works. Crewe also makes paint markers out of plastic bottles by melting the plastic to turn the lid into a spout, often using them to draw in free-flowing gestures. His unique works are meant to 'brighten your day'.


Chris lives and works as an artist every day in his downtown studio where he is a painter, educator, logo designer, freelance writer, digital archivist, and all-around good guy…

Active for many years in Toronto's contemporary art scene, teaching workshops to transient and street-involved youth at SKETCH, leading tour groups through the Design Exchange museum, all staying within the neighborhood of OCADU where he formally learned Drawing and Painting many years ago.