Celine BRON

Celine BRON


About Celine BRON

Born 1973 in Marseille south of France,
I like the outdoors and the feeling of freedom they provide.My paintings illustrates the need for solitude and time suspended in creating.My desire to paint on large formats has quickly been felt but without forgetting other formats. I let the shapes and colors "settle" on the media / canvas or paper, no artistic constraint or reference concern so that my sense of freedom is not exhausted. This freedom of expression that my painting voluntarily away from any convention and pictorial constraint ..even if sometimes seems referenced.My painting is out of "context" in some way/ abstract or figurative / before all, emotional and colorful.


Chinese medicine studies
Fitness Teacher


Marseille Provence Airport/FRANCE/July-August 2015
Chapelle Loupian 2018 Hérault/ France
Le Corbusier Marseille 2019